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"eghhhh! That’s gross!” -- My surface wrist piercing

Hello BME community! I'm Meg and I'm delighted to share my experience of my wrist surface piercing with you.

I have been interested in body mods/piercing since my mum had her navel pierced when I was about 9 and within a week of her having her navel done I insisted to get my ears pierced for my birthday – and you know what the addiction is like – it went from there.

I was doing some research on a new piercing and wasn't sure what to get, Until I found the 'surface piercing' section on BME – and immediately fell in love with the pictures of wrist piercings, I had never seen anything like it before and knew it was the piercing for me. A week later I had enough money to go and see what my piercer Paul could do, Surprisingly on the bus journey towards Penzance I was not at all nervous (seeing as when I had my lip done I was bricking it on the train.) Looking down at my left wrist thinking that within a few hours I would have two silver balls poking out of my flesh it was very exciting I couldn't wait.

I walked into DV8 – and as always, saw Paul sitting at the front desk wait for his next victim, sorry customer, and was of course me! I asked him that I wanted a wrist piercing and he told me to come back in 40 minutes so he could sterilise the jewellery. So there I was walking around Penzance getting more nervous every second – I couldn't believe I was going to do this, being Cornish I got myself a pasty to calm myself and went to look around some shops to see what I was going to waste my money on next, by the time I had finished it was 2:00pm and time to go back to Paul and get my new piercing.

I walked into DV8 and Paul told me to go through to the back room and take a seat on the bed thing which had a layer of tissue paper stuff on it. Of course it was spotless, as always and then Paul came in – He told me to sit on a chair next to the bed, and rest my left wrist on the bed, I did so and he cleaned and marked with the classic purple pen, changed his gloves and got out a new needle and my sterilised jewellery I reverted my eyes to a coloured contact lens poster and before I knew it the needle was in! "You were very calm during that" Paul said I looked at my wrist to see the plastic tube sticking out of my arm and managed to watch him slide the Jewellery through. I was pierced.

I looked down at my wrist and fell in love – it was beautiful. Perfect. I thanked Paul a hundred times Paid him £23 pounds and he gave me some wipes for if it starts bleeding on the way home, I had my sleeve rolled up as I walked through town, proud – There was a little bit of blood around one of the balls so I mopped it up with the wipes at the bus stop. I think the bus driver was the first to set eyes on my piercing as I gave him my ticket – It made me happy when people noticed it.

On the bus home I texted my mum "I have a new piercing" Just to give her a warning so she could expect the worst, I knew that would be the hardest bit of this piercing – she would not approve. I got home and went upstairs and hid (ha-ha), then got a text from my mum – who was downstairs, "I know your hiding" so I went downstairs and played "guess where it is" with my hands behind my back. I think she said every possible piercing except wrist and I held out my arm. "eghhhh! That's gross!" – a lot better reaction than I had expected, Seeing as when I had my lip done she didn't talk to me for 3days.

It's now 2 weeks old – I love it so much, It doesn't get caught on a lot really, sometimes it will get caught in my hair, I am a bit worried with it rejecting but I'm keeping up the sea salt soaks. My friends think its cool to although I didn't get it pierced for them – I did it for myself and I totally recommend this piercing to anyone considering it – or to anyone who isn't!

I would highly recommend Paul at DV8 too if you are in the area, He is very welcoming and I have had many of my piercings there and they have turned out great, Thanks Paul!

And thank you for reading and happy piercing to you all!


submitted by: MegR
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: DV8
Location: Penzance%2C+Cornwall

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