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Clavical Microdermals

My fascination with body modification has previously lead me to two off center tongue piercings, a DIY septum, various other piercings around the body, scarification and more. Now, I have discovered microdermals. Their low rejection rate with proper care and originality gained my interest quickly. After researching care, procedure, success and reading many stories I was ready. I was off to the shop to set up an appointment with my piercer who has previously done my double off center tongue (venom's), double monroe's (retired) and tragus,I decided on getting four microdermals, two under each clavicle. I let him know how nervous I was although, he had no doubt I wouldn't be able to handle the procedure. A week later, I could barely contain my excitement.

After not getting any sleep the night before, I waited patiently for my turn (a quick nostril piercing ahead of me, seeing as my appointment would take a while). Finally after fifteen or twenty minutes I was up, he set up his tray which consisted of: four 10 gauge needles, a couple cotton swabs, gauze like material to clean up, four disk shaped microdermal jewelery and a couple other things. He told me the procedure while he set up, roughly: he would stick the needle partially in to create a hole, then re-enter the needle to create a pocket, after he would take the microdermal using the specialized holding foreceps and "pop" it in. Knowing my high pain threshold, he told me it would be reletively painless. I wasn't very convinced needles to say.

He marked four carefully aligned dots along my collarbone and went to ask opinions of the staff in the shop. After slight readjusting, we had the perfect placement, now for the procedure. I lay down on the clean reclined leather chair, closed my eyes (as I couldn't see what he was doing) as he slipped the needle in at the heavy breath out. He quickly took it out and put it in again with a slightly painful pinch. Afterwards with a bit of pressure he put in the microdermal with a soft "pop." He sopped up a little bit of blood and started on the next one, each one after increasingly more painful.

After only a couple minutes he was done a told me to sit up to take a look. They were absolutly beautiful! Except two of them were slightly off, so I hopped back on the table for readjustment. They had to be adjusted several times, they didn't seem to want to settle, but after a couple minutes they were all set! He bandaged me up and explained the aftercare to me which I was already quite accustomed to. He highly recomended

H2Ocean, (though I previously have never used it before), so I bought it. Originally 100 dollars each, I paid only for two!

I hurried to the store directly after to pick up "spot" bandages (perfect for microdermals in my opinion), and my regular pain relievers (eight hour Tylenol). So far it has only been four days, but they have been healing extremely well. I keep bandaids on the most of the day changing them roughly every 6-8 hours with H2Ocean soaks in between changes. I air them out to let them breath at night for a couple of hours before bed when I am not active. Then I replace the bandages right before sleep. I believe that this "bandaids method" will work to keep them clean, out of harms way and help them settle properly. So far this has worked very well for me. They are slightly bruised and not at all irritated due to my frequent bandaids changes (I don't very sensitive skin). They are settling nicely and I hope they continue to be non-problematic. I will continue using bandaids at night and day for the next couple of weeks, then eventually just during the night time while I sleep and do
physical activities. I am slightly paranoid about them getting torn out or rejecting, could you tell? So I do plan to cover them for a while unfortunatly.

My piercer has done a fine job, I am very pleased, I will soon return for an update in the next couple of days to make sure they are healing properly. For anybody looking to get microdermals, don't be scared off by pain! They aren't terribly painful as far as the needle method goes and they are very beautiful. Do research, make sure that these are the right piercing for you. I am proud to have such amazing outcome so far and hope everything. Continues to go well. If these do turn out as I expect, then I plan to get many more. If you have any questions or thinking of getting some of your own, you can email me right away.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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