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Spur of the moment nape piercing

I decided a week or so ago that I wanted to have my tongue web and sternum pierced. So yesterday I walked to the piercing studio down the road from my college to see if I could get my tongue web pierced. I was really disappointed when I saw the sign saying it was shut until the 6th of november. But I wasn't too worried because I was planning to go to Pro Body Piercing today anyway to have my sternum piercing done.

I got out of college early today and I was a little bit nervous as I got on the bus to Huddersfield, even though I've had piercings before (3x ear lobes, 2x helix, belly button, septum, hips). When I arrived I headed straight for the piercing studio and told the girl working there (I don't know her name but she was a great piercer and a lovely person, made me feel very much at ease) that I wanted a sternum and tongue web piercings. Unfortunately she told me my tongue web wasn't big enough to be pierced and I was disappointed, but I consoled myself witht he thought of my lovely new sternum piercing. So she took me into the piercing room at the back and put some gloves on to check whether I could be pierced there. Again, it wouldn't be possible, I don't have enough skin there.

She said it could be pierced but it would grow out really quickly and she didn't want me to waste my money. I was feeling really down by this point but I'm glad she was honest about it. So I thanked her and left. I'd seen a sign in the window of the piercing & tattoo shop down the road that said "Any body piercing £8, including jewellery". That sounded too good to be true but I went in anyway. I asked the guy if he did tongue web piercings (I know I'd been told I coudln't have it done, but I really wanted it!)and inverse navel piercings. He said yes to the navel ones, but not the tongue web. He checke dout my belly button and there wasn't enough skin to pierce at the bottom.

I was starting to think I was unpiercable! I was hugely disappointed by now, I'd been all geared up for having a new piercing. I went t a couple of shops, bought a few hair things from Boots to try and cheer myself up but I knew I still wanted a piercing. I didn't really want another facial one yet and then the idea of having my nape pierced popped into my head. I'd considered it a while ago but forgot about it. I felt a bit stupid going back to Pro Body Piercing again about an hour later, but I did anyway.

I said I wanted to have the nape of my neck pierced and she gave me the forms to sign while she finished another piercing. Then she sat me down in the piercing room at the back and marked two ink dots on my neck.It wasn't straight at first so she did it again and we were both happy with it. She was quite chatty which was nice and made me feel comfortable. Then she put the clamps on the back of my neck and sprayed my skin with freezing spray. The she pushed the needle through, we were still talking at the same time. It did pinch a little but on the whole it wasn't too bad. I'd give it a 3 or 4/10 on the pain scale. It was less painful than my hips, I'd give that a 5.

I barely felt anything when she put the bar in and screwed the balls on (she used a curved PTFE bar with metal balls on the ends, titanium I think). Because I couldn't see it, obviously, she took a picture on her phone so I could have a look, I loved it! It looked great, she'd done it really well and I liked it more than I thought I would. Tt was starting to bleed a little so she cleaned it up and put a dressing over it and told me to leave it on for an hour or so.

Then we went back into the main part of the shop and I paid my £35, with an extra £3 on top for some cleaning solution. I think the price was pretty reasonable. She gave me my aftercare sheet and said to come back in a week so they could check how it is. I thanked her again and left. I am really happy with my new piercing, even though it wasn't my first choice. Now, I think I prefer it to the idea of having my sternum done, although I'm still disappointed about my tongue web!

I cleaned it when I got home with the soultion I bought because there was some blood around each end of the piercing, but it looks good now. I'd recommend this piercing to anyone. The pain factor isn't too bad and it looks really cute, I'd quite like another! Maybe later in the future I'll have another one.

I'd also recommend Pro Body Piercing to anyone. My piercing was great, the shop was very clean, the staff are lovely and the whole experience was as easy as possible.


submitted by: Kat4688
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+know+her+name
Studio: Pro+Body+Piercing
Location: Huddersfield

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