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painless nape

I've always been fascinated with body modifications, surface piercings especially catch my eye. I have my tongue, navel and snake bites done so far and I still want many more piercings. My parents were both opposed to it, saying that it would look trashy. Though after a lot of persuading and improvement of my grades, my dad finally agreed to take me.

We planned to go that day, which was unfortunately a holiday (Columbus day) and the piercer wasn't working till that Thursday. So we decided to go Thursday right after school, seeing as I didn't want to wait any longer than I had to. This probably wasn't the best choice considering I had a gymnastics practice right after I got the piercing (at 530).

Thursday came around and I anxiously waited for school to get out so I could go get my new piercing. I got home around 3 o'clock and anxiously waited for my dad to get home so we could leave for the studio. We left about 30 minutes after I got home. We got to the studio around 4 and I signed all of the paperwork. I waited for my friend, Andrea, to get there before I actually went in the piercing room. She was my moral support, considering I'm not too good with needles. She got there about 5 minutes after I signed the papers. My friends Kelsey and Meagan also got there when I was getting ready to go in the room because Kelsey was going to get her clavicle pierced.

Orrin, my pierce, brought Andrea and I back to the piercing room and sat me down in the chair. I always go to Orrin for my piercings because he works with my mom at the hospital so I trust that he knows what he's doing. His piercing room also looks very clean and sterile. But anyways, he had me put my hair up to begin with then cleaned my neck with some kind of anti-bacterial solution. Once my neck was all cleaned he then had me stand up and marked up my neck. Andrea and him both looked at the dots from several angles and then decided that the marks were even. He sat me back down in the chair and started feeling around my neck where he was going to pierce it. I held Andrea's hand as I waited for immense amounts of pain. He poked the needle through the first layer and it caused a slight stinging sensation (about a 2 on the pain scale) then he slid the needle through the back of my neck and it mostly just felt like I was being tickled under my skin, there was no pain associated with this part. Then poked it through the other side which stung a little bit more than when it went in the first hole, which was expected. (about a 3). At this point I told Andrea that I didn't need her hand anymore due to the fact it didn't hurt at all. He then put the jewelry in, which wasn't as painful as it caused a slight bit of pressure. The only part that somewhat hurt was when he was cleaning off the purple marks he made after the jewelry was in. He stood me up in front of a full length mirror and handed me a smaller mirror so I could see the back of my neck. I loved it! I thanked him then went out to the waiting room to see Kelsey and Meagan.

Kelsey then went back to the piercing room with Meagan to get pierced. Andrea and I waited in the front and looked through some tattoo pictures that had been done at the studio. She also took picture of my piercing so I could show all of my friends. Kelsey came out about 5 minutes later and showed us her new clavicle piercing.

I went to gymnastics practice right after I got my piercing and it surprisingly didn't bother me at all, though I didn't do any skills that involved landing on my neck. I wouldn't suggest getting any surface piercing if you do a sport of any kind just because you'll have a higher chance of having your piercing reject or migrate, and I don't think you want a nasty scar on your neck from rejection.

It has been about a week now and it's healing just fine. I wash it with liquid anti-bacterial soap in the shower (twice a day) then clean it with H2ocean when it bothers me between cleanings. I know that this piercing isn't expected to last long, especially since I'm a gymnast, but it was worth the 30 dollars I paid for it. this was actually my least painful piercing. So if you're considering getting it, I say get it! I certainly would do it again :]!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Orrin
Studio: Riverview+Tattoo
Location: Brewer%2C+Maine

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