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My hip piercings (surface bars)

I'm a 17 year old girl from West Yorkshire. I had my ear lobes pierced when I was 14, 2 cartilage piercings and a belly button piercing when I was 15 then my septum when I was 16 (I'll post that as another story). I think I must have got the piercing bug because I loved them! I kept wanting more and more but seeing as my parents aren't into piercings at all, I have to get less obvious ones to hide them. So far my Mum has seen all of them except my hips and my Dad has seen my ears and belly button, but not my septum and hips and they weren't happy about me getting any of them.

I hadn't really considered surface piercings before because I didn't know much about them except that they weren't permenant. But I was browsing piercing pictures, trying to decide what to have next and I found a picture of someone with their nape pierced. It looked gorgeous but since I have long hair that I nearly always wear down people wouldn't see it much. Then I came across the idea of hip piercings. I've only ever seen one person with them before but there were tons of pictures online to look at. I saw them on males and females and I thought they looked so pretty on both.

So I started to get obsessed with the idea of having my hips pierced. It would look so good, it wasn't that common, I'd never had a surface piercing before and it would be easy to hide and easy to show off when I wanted to. My friend wanted her belly button pierced so we decided to go together during 6th form while we had a 3 hour gap of no lessons. Originally we planned to go to Pro Body Piercing in Huddersfield but we didn't have time that day and I was all fired up to get pierced so we headed to Dewsbury instead, with another friend coming along too.

I had planned to go to Tattoo House, only to discover they don't do body piercings. We were both really disappointed so we wandered around and we were pretty ecstatic when we spotted another body piercing tattoo studio. So we headed inside and I went up to the desk and asked if they did surface piercings. The piercer said yes, they did so I told him I wanted to have my hips pierced. He nodded and said that he had to explain first that they will eventually reject, and might not last long. I was already aware of that and I said it was fine. He told me it was £30 for a surface piercing but he could do both for £40, which I was very pleased about!

The place looked clean and I was happy with it so we sat down while we filled in forms before the piercing. Me and my friend were a bit nervous so we went outside for a cigarette before the piercing. When we went back inside I decided to go first. So the piercer took me through to the back room and started to mark where the piercings would go. We moved the ink dots around until we were both happy. Then I lay down on the bed type thing and pulled my top up while he got everything together and cleaned the area he was going to pierce.

I had some newish scars on my stomach from cutting and I'd been really nervous that he might say something about them which would really embarass me. But thankfully he was very professional. He asked what the marks were and I said 'Oh, nothing, they'll fade.' He just nodded and said it was still okay for me to have the piercings.

I closed my eyes (I always do this when I have piercings, it helps me relax!) as he did the first one. I won't lie, it did hurt a little because it was a slower piercing than I was used to. Then he put the bar in, which wasn't painful. Then my ears started ringing and I suddenly felt really dizzy and faint. I told him that I was too warm and felt a little faint so he switched the heater off and got me some water. This has never happened to me before when having a piercing but he explained that because I hadn't eaten, my blood sugar levels had dropped when he pierced me and that was why I felt dizzy.

When I was feeling okay I lay back down and he did the left one. This hurt less than the first and was over quickly. He gave me an aftercare sheet, my friend had her piercing and we left. I was so happy I'd got it done! I couldn't stop looking at it all the way back to 6th form! However, it was uncomfortable to bend down or lean forward, which made afternoon lessons a problem. Everyone wanted to look at my piercings. Most people thought it was weird and kept asking 'Why would you do that?'. But I didn't care, I liked them. They were a bit red and slightly swollen but not badly.

The next day when the redness had gone, I realised the skin over the bar was still raised and I could literally see the bar under my skin. I thought it had looked like that yesterday because the piercings were brand new. Then I realised I had straight bars, not proper surface bars. At first I didn't think it mattered that much, I'd wanted the piercings badly and I'd got them. But I knew it wasn't quite right when it looked the same a week later.

So I went back to the shop to tell them they'd used the wrong bars, and I wasn't happy with how they looked. The piercers were very unhelpful and told me they were standard bars, and they'd done it properly. Clearly I was getting nowhere, so I left. After about 2 and a half weeks I went to Pro Body Piercing (where I originally wanted to get pierced) to ask for some advice.

The girl who worked there was so lovely (I think her name was Sam but I'm not sure). She told me they weren't the right kind of bars and it wasn't done properly. She advised me to get some curved PTFE bars to take the strain off the piercing so hopefully it wouldn't reject too quickly. I bought some from the shop and she put them in for me, for free while giving me some advice about cleaning them. After having the new bars I was so much more comfortable, I could move more easily and I could actually bend down without being in pain!

I shouldn't have gone to a piercing studio just because I was in a hurry, I should have waited and gone somewhere more reputable. And I should have checked what jewellery was being used, but I've learnt from that mistake and I hope anyone who reads this won't make the same mistake as me!

My piercings look lovely now, especially with my belly button piercing and I'm so happy I have them. I plan on getting my sternum done next. I'll be going to Pro Body Piercing this time, and I've done my research properly!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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