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Hi my name is Briana and I am writing about my experience of getting two microdermals on my chest at Krazy Kats Tattoo & Body Piercing by the amazing Tee.

The last piercing I had was a nose piercing, also done by Tee in May 2009 and it was really easy to take care of. So, after much consideration and lots of researching, I went back to Krazy Kats to get my chest microdermals because I think they are so pretty, classy and very unique. I went there on a Thursday afternoon with a couple of my friends. I was very very nervous and so are my friends J But Tee greeted us warmly and as always she asked what I wanted to get done. I told her I wanted to get two microdermals. Tee said she also got 3 microdermals that she did herself and she even showed me. They all looked incredibly stunning on her. After that, Tee showed me the jewelries and said that I could choose the colors of my gemstones. I had my paperwork filled out, and we were ready to go.

My friends and I followed Tee to her piercing room, and I quietly sat down in the reclining chair while Tee was prepping up. Now, I had been here before and asked to see their autoclave as well as all the spore tests to see if they are up to date (yes I am a clean freak but I care about my health, thank you very much) so I totally trusted Tee and the folks at Krazy Kats how to do their jobs professionally and safely. Mind you, there are several shops around the Queen City that are just filthy and so very cheap you couldn't believe, but then I wouldn't risk my health for several bucks less at those "jab and grab" shops.

Okay, so back to my story, Tee cleaned my chest area and had me stand up to mark the spots, because she said sitting/laying down would make marking the spots crooked. I did and we marked it and remarked and check and rechecked until everything was perfect. We had four sets of eyes to check the markings: Tee, my two friends and me so we knew that it's good to go. Boy, my heart beat so fast I thought it was about to jump out of my chest , down to my foot and I had to kick it back up ..haha.. Tee then lay me down on the chair and massaged my skin for a little while, it did feel a little bit painful, and Tee even mentioned that it was okay if there would be bruises there the next day. Tee grabbed the dermal punch and quickly made a hole into my chest. I almost hold my breath and expected the worst pain then Tee said :"Okay, the hardest part was done, see it wasn't that bad" I opened my eyes, totally surprised, it felt like a really hard pinch, or maybe a deep paper cut but I swea r that was nothing at all. Putting in the first dermal was quite easy, it popped right in. Tee used a taper connected to the microdermal base so she could control the depth evenly, then using a supper thin clamp to hold on to the base and screw in the top. The second one was a little trouble maker, and it bled a little more too, but again it wasn't too bad. And voila, I couldn't believe that I got these microdermals done. I fell in love constantly with them. I have been wanting these microdermals for the last 3 months and even dreamt about it; and here we are, completely done with two little gem tops on my chest. My friends were taking pictures and commented on how easy the process was, and how pretty those looked on me. I am so happy. Tee was proud of me, she said and then she gave me the aftercare sheet for the microdermals, and one non-iodized sea salt bag. Tee then verbally went through the aftercare sheet with me, emphasized on the sea salt soaking and band-aid applyin g. She also recommended that I was to come back and see her in several weeks so that she can check on my healing, that showed Tee really cared for her customers and great professionalism in her. I thanked and tipped Tee nicely before leaving the shop as a happy customer. My friends had already discussed that they might get microdermals done in the near future also.

The next day, the bruises didn't show up which I took it as a good sign, they both felt a little sore, but since they were freshly pierced, it's understandable. I had a red circle around the piercing site for almost a week and keep band-aid on especially at night to keep them from catching on things. Those two have been the easiest piercing I have taken care of and I got so many compliments on them. I highly recommended microdermals; and for anyone in Charlotte or near by area, Krazy Kats Tattoo and Piercing is the place to go.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tee
Studio: Krazy+Kats+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Charlotte%2C+NC

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