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The short life of a dermal anchor (NSFW)

It has actually been a little more than a year since I have had my dermal anchor in place but none the less, this is my story.

I went to the shop I frequent one evening to set an appointment to get my arm tattooed when low and behold my friend (the piercer at the shop) had received some dermal anchors and a little instruction booklet in the mail recently and was looking for a friend to use as his first client. I eventually agreed to let him try this procedure on me knowing that I probably wouldn't keep it in very long.

As I talked to my tattooist he autoclaved the dermal anchors and did a little last minute research on the different techniques. We decided to place the anchor centered below my breasts right under where my bra would sit. That day however, I was not wearing a proper bra so I got to flash everyone in the room, which caused quite a stir on Modblog might I add. The whole process was video taped so the piercer would be able to watch this later and learn from what happened.

He explained the process as: pierce, twist the needle to create a flap of skin for the anchor to hold onto, pull out the needle, insert the jewelry and hope for the best. I think everything went well, there was a mild discomfort when he pierced and twisted, the insertion of the anchor was not painful, though it did take him a moment to find that little flap. I bled a little more than I had expected, because he had to take the needle out before inserting any jewelry. After I was all cleaned up he taped a little bit of gauze over it and I was eventually on my way home.

Healing was incredibly easy. Starting the next day it wasn't sore, swollen or irritated so I only cleaned it daily when I was in the shower. The trouble came about 3 weeks later after I left to work the summer on the Warped Tour. Now, I did have enough foresight to realize that the piercing probably would not last the tour when I got it, remember it wasn't something I had really planned on, or even thought about doing that day.

In order to make life on the road a little easier with a fresh piercing I did bring along some H2Ocean (I must admit good old fashioned sea salt dissolved in hot water soaked on an area for a few minutes is a much more effective solution to any problems) unscented baby wipes as well as gauze and tape for any problems. The problems didn't take long to occur either. The morning we left for tour we all took our last 'good shower' before hitting the road. Well, I snagged it on the wash cloth that morning which caused it to pull out just a little. It hurt a little, bled a little but I just dried off and put a bit of gauze over it to try and hold it in place. All was well in the life of my Dermal Anchor for just a couple more days.

They played a club show in Cincinnati and since they didn't need 3 merch girls for such an event I took the night off and drank a lot while trying to flirt with the locals to find us a place to sleep for the night. Which I did, however the guys decided to instead go crash at some kid they knew in High Schools house. The house was disgusting, but I eventually found a small dirty and itchy chair to fall asleep on. At some point that night (while I was sleeping not during any drunken extravaganza) my Anchor worked its way out of my skin almost all the way.

I figured after touching any number of things in that house there was no way I could get my hand clean enough to warrant touching this little piece of metal and then shoving it back in my skin so it could just fall back out again in a few days. So I called up the shop and asked for any tips on taking it out. Since it was a Dermal Anchor and not a Microdermal it was really easy to take out. Pretty much I just had to push down on the skin right above the piercing, push the jewelry up a little to unhook it from the flap, rotate it sideways and pull it out. It hurt a little more than the piercing, but wasn't too bad at all.

After that I just washed the area and sprayed it with the H2Ocean. I ended up with no visible scar. I toyed with the thought of getting another, though probably as a microdermal just because the healing was so quick and easy and it was the only small gauge piercing that I have had that felt comfortable.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Dee
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