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My lovely microdermal wrist piercing

A few months ago I went with my friend as she got her nose pierced. While I was waiting for her procedure, I took a gander at the books of piercings that the studio had to offer. I was immediately intrigued by the single point piercing. I had only dreamed of such a thing! I always wanted a body modification, but I felt the need for something new and original. In the past I thought about having pocketing done on my wrist, but thought it would get pulled out by clothing or something. This new microdermal would have only one stud, and it could go anywhere on my body. I immediately became obsessed with getting my wrist pierced.

First, I decided to do my research. I still had no idea how the procedure was done so I wanted to know all of the risks that went along with microdermals. I read many stories on BME as well as other message boards. While looking at pictures, my main concern with them was whether or not a microdermal would sit flush on my skin. I did not want the stud to be sticking up three millimeters above my skin and easily snag against clothes and such. Due to that, my main concern was to be pierced by someone experienced and with a good track record.

I then researched the studio I was planning on getting my piercing at and as it turns out their piercer has been doing microdermals for a few years, which is a lot since this is a relatively new procedure.

About two weeks ago I decided to go for it and get my microdermal piercing on my wrist. Since my only other piercings were my first holes in my ears, which have already closed, I was very excited and nervous about this new experience.

I decided that this was an independent and personal decision and ventured to get my piercing on my own. I drove the forty-five minutes to the studio, walked right in and started looking at studs. I chose a cubic zirconia stud, something simple and classy. Before I knew it, I paid the eighty dollars, signed the papers, and was on my way to get pierced!

Penelope was extremely friendly and enthusiastic. She has the same piercings on her wrist and up her forearms, so she was definitely a fan of what I wanted to get. She screwed on the stud to the anchor. (Upon my readings I notice that many piercers decide to screw on the stud after the anchor is set, which I do not understand). I showed her exactly where I wanted it and she double-checked to make sure my marking was center. (It wasn't, she had to make another).

Then, just like all other microdermal piercings, Penelope pinched the skin and makes two pockets. She then takes the anchor with the stud and maneuvers it in. That was the most uncomfortable part. Then it was in! I look down and my wrist is sparkling. It was a little raised at first, so I tried to push it down a little. Penelope said I could continue to try and push it down, but since I am fairly skinny, the anchor can only go down so far. Then as we are talking, I begin to see spots and opted to put my head down for a few moments. Then they gave me a juice box and let me lay there until I felt better.

For the day I experienced a little bit of bleeding, but by the next day it was fine. My wrist was a little tender and sore, but I continued to apply pressure to the piercing, wanting to make sure it would heal where I wanted it to be. For the first week and a half I kept a Band-Aid taped on my piercing, taking it off only for salt soaks and washing. Twice a day I wash my piercing with hand soap. I then mix ¼ tablespoon of salt with a cup of warm water and soak a piece of gauze in it. Then I put the salty gauze on my wrist for ten minutes. I never experienced any irritation around the piercing. I did have my skin get a little red from having to rip off Band-Aids all the time, but I suppose this could have been avoided if I took them off in the shower.

Right now my microdermal is two weeks old. I do not use a Band-Aid anymore because I want it to heal as fast as possible. I love showing it off and getting all the questions from strangers. People think that I have a bar going through my entire wrist! Overall, I find this piercing fairly elegant and subtle. I've received many compliments and have started a new trend in my area!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Penelope
Studio: Lucky%27s
Location: Northampton%2C+MA

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