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Self Done Microdermals

First off I would like to say how in now way at all condone self done piercings, or any mods. If you want something done then go to a professional.

That said it is my belief that you should get things done by people you are close to or at least know if and where possible just because it means a lot more than a stranger doing it for you because you can then look at your mod and not only will it remind you of a time and place but of the person who did it and the times you shared.

My belief on self modding is somewhat the same, we can change our bodies to what we want them to be so if we can do it then why not, given sufficient training and everything.

I've done several self piercings before such as my labret, some random ear stuff, smiley, septum, bridge probably over ten times as i can never decide if I like it or not and a couple of things on a few friends, which again I don't condone without the proper training and such.

I decided to do some microdermals myself as I wasn't sure where I really wanted them so I could put them in and take them out of a few places to decide if I like them which i have also done with my bridge piercing which I am very indecisive about, was rather intrigued about the procedure and basically wanted to know if I could do it. I did a piercing course in my youth but never really followed it up apart from the few things I had done on my self and others several years previous. I did a fair bit of research into how to do the procedure from different peoples points of view found upon places such as the bme encyclopedia, interviews and such other places, also taking to a professional piercer friend of mine and used these methods to devise my own strategy.

Once I had looked into everything and received my orders of cannulas, needle blades, dermal punches, microdermals, cleaning wipes and alike I was ready to get going. I've never really thought myself to be great with pain but the whole procedure was really rather painless to my satisfaction as I thought it would be a rather painful experience. It's never as bad as you think its going to be.

I have done five thus far using four different methods, firstly was with an orange cannula, piercing into the skin one way then back the other and simply inserting the jewelry, the second time I did the same thing but started with a 1.6mm dermal punch and then followed on with the first procedure, the third was the same as the first but with a needle blade and the fourth i used a 1.2mm needle blade instead of the 1.6. Out of the 4 methods I have tried so far I would mix up the second and fourth, using a dermal punch for the first incision and then using a 1.2mm needle blade as the jewelery seemed to fit very well with that, next time I do one I think i'm going to make a small incision along each length so the sides of the jewelry fit in more comfortably.

What I also found to help at times was a pair of needle nosed tweezers to lift the skin up to hook the back end of the midrodermal in.

I did the first three microdermals in my left arm thus did them all one handed and it was all really rather straight forward, the other two were in my hips and again the procedure was simple again I don't condone anyone doing this themselves unless they have had the proper training, clean environment and so on.

Aftercare wise I only had them in for a few days each due to them a, being a bit of an experiment and b, because I was going surfing and needed to wear my wet suit which they wouldn't fit under so well due to using high necked jewelry as they were easier to work with so there's not a whole lot that I can say about it but I would advise that during the healing precess you get some medical tape, put a hole in it and put it over the piercing as the rear shorter end can have a tendency to pop out while the wound is still fresh, especially with the healing bar in giving it more leverage and whilst sleeping as you obviously cant control the movements of yourself and what the jewelry will come in contact with during the night.

I am intending to do several more in the future in various places and will write more experiences if my methods chance or anything out of the ordinary happens though it seems to be a fairly simple procedure so I doubt that will be the case.

If you are intending on doing this yourself or any other piercing please be careful and have someone to hand incase anything goes wrong. Feel free to ask me any questions you have also as I will be willing to share the little knowledge I have with anyone.

Take care people and stay happy x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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