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My sexy nape!

Okay...so let me start off by saying that I am addicted to piercings and have been pierced around 20 times in my life. I had been craving for a piercing and was begging my friends to come with me because face it; it's so much more fun when you have an audience!

I had seen nape piercings on guys before and just thought it was the sexiest thing alive and started researching surface piercings and how they worked. In my research I found that surface piercings could be done two ways. The first was with the typical clamp and needle, but there was another way with a derma punch; this really intrigued me so I started researching further.

I found that a derma punch was a lot like a hole puncher in an office. The piercer marks the skin in the respective places with the wonderful purple marker, and then positions the puncher over the marks and essentially punches out two little circles of flesh in order to insert the jewelry. This sounded a little barbaric at first but really wanted the piercing and knew that Scottie (my piercer) would know what he was doing.

So, it was a cool October night and my little sister was in town and we were going to a concert (The Fray) at the Pageant later that night. My sister, being heavy into body modification, (all thanks to her big sis), was totally pumped to go and wanted to get her tongue web re-pierced as well.

We hopped into the car and made our way down to the Lou to get pierced! We were on a high, but mine was mixed with nerves. We got to the shop and I started talking to Scottie about this piercing. He warned me about the high rate of rejection, which I was okay with, and he started me on the paperwork.

At this point I was really starting to get nervous when he brought me into his station with the little black curtain around it. He explained how the derma punch would work and made his marks on the back of my neck while I was standing to ensure that it was straight and symmetrical. He then had me lay on my stomach face down on the plush leather chair.

He positioned the machine and I started sweating like crazy, but was really excited! My sister was standing next to me and just kept making noises like "oh!", and "wow". Before, I knew it I had a crowd watching as Scottie lined up the machine and told me to take a deep breath. I breathed in and it almost felt like what a typewriter banging out the letters on a piece of paper would feel like. It didn't hurt but was just awkward the way I was laying. He asked if I was okay with a laugh, and I said "Sure, but I'm sweating all over your chair!"

The spectators were just awing the entire time, and wincing at the pain, which was obviously more in their minds than what was actually occurring. The thing that hurt the most, which was not much at all because I feel I have a very high pain tolerance; was when he laced the half square barbell through that had to go under my skin but not into my muscle. I could feel it making its way all the way through, but before I knew it I was done. One of the spectators was a big tattooed burly man and gave me props once I was done, and said he couldn't have done it!

I hopped up and wiped off my sweaty forehead, and moved my wet hair off of my face and Scottie handed me a handheld mirror and said "Take a look! You handled it like a champ!" As a gazed into the mirror I got a huge smile on my face and turned to show my sister who loved it as well!

The healing process was super easy, by spraying on some salt water solution twice a day and cleaning it in the shower every morning. At first I would get it caught on my loofa in the shower and was wince in pain, but in about a month I could pull and tug on it and it didn't hurt a bit! Everybody is so fascinated by it, or creeped out by it, either way it's a win win situation!

Scottie is an excellent piercer and I have gone to him since to get other surface bar piercings which are equally hip!

It is over a year later and I love my sexy nape piercing! It is such a conversation piece, I have strangers everywhere from restaurants, in bathrooms, and restaurants coming up to me and asking me how it works. I absolutely love this piercing, it's my favorite by far, and would recommend it to anybody looking to get something out of the ordinary!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Scottie
Studio: Iron+Age
Location: St.+Louis%2C+MO

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