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Napes don't hurt

About 2 weeks ago I came to the conclusion I wanted my nape pierced, just as the same way I wanted my nipples done. It's a piercing that isn't commonly sported everyday like a nose stud or even an eyebrow ring. I tried getting it done 2 weekends ago but I was $5 short and my piercer Branden Freshour( also a very close friend) couldn't sneak me in with his manager there.

So I waited till last weekend to go in and get it done, I went on a Friday right after work with the intent on only getting my nose pierced. I already have my septum but I thought an additional small nose stud would be wicked cute. I came into the shop Tattooing You where my piercer works and told him what was up. I told him I wanted my nose done and my friend wanted his lip, however through the conversation Branden brought up getting my nape.

Piercings at the shop cost $20 each and I had no problem paying but I didn't want to spend $40 that day and get two piercings, I wanted to go to the mall like most 19 year old girls do and buy clothes or a new purse, yet Branden begged me to get it done. I agreed because although Branden has had his license for about a year and a half, he's never done a nape piercing and he wanted to see someone get it done. Branden has had his own nape pierced twice but feeling it is not the same as seeing it. With Branden being a really close friend I agreed to it and signed my consent form, I only had to pay $30 though because it was two piercings instead of one.

With Branden never had any experience doing a nape piercing I asked who would be doing it, he pointed to a lady a few feet away and said "She's the one who's going to be sticking the needle in your neck, are you excited?" I told him "Duh". The only thing about this situation I didn't like is that I didn't know the lady who would be piercing me, but I knew Branden has apprenticed under her so I really didn't think anything else about it.

I got my nose pierced first which to be honest sucked, I hated it and it was uncomfortable, but I loved it a few minutes later, next came the nape piercing. I was told to lie down in the chair on my stomach and to pull my hair up. I pulled my hair up and then laid down on my stomach, I got situated to then be told I needed to probably sit up because the angle was strange and it would be difficult to pierce. I sat up and asked how I needed to sit, Branden told me to sit on my knees, and face the wall.

Immediately the woman started telling me she was just going to clean my neck and then mark it, after she cleaned it Branden and her talked and speculated for a few minutes on where to place it and how long they wanted it to be. I sat there talking to my friend, waiting. A minute or two later Branden told me she was going to start, and I asked him to sit down and hold my hand. I asked him to hold my hand because I'm funny about who pierces me. I have two piercers, Branden and my other piercer Jim from Cape Fear Tattoo, who have both pierced me more than once.

As the woman (I say woman because I don't remember her name) stood behind me needle in hand she asked me if I needed to sit down Indian style or lay down because some people get light headed and even faint, I told her "Hell no, go ahead" and on she went. When the needle first initially went into my neck it didn't hurt, it just felt like someone was pinching my neck, I felt as the needle went in and glided through my neck, halfway through I stopped holding my piercers hand and sat there unbothered. It took another minute for the needle to come through and for the PTFE bar to be put into place, and the balls to be screwed on.

Branden handed me the mirror and I checked it out, my neck was slightly red and felt tight but it didn't hurt and I wasn't bleeding. I failed to mention 5 people were watching as I got pierced, which didn't make me nervous, I thought it was funny so many people were interested in watching me get a needle pushed through my neck.

I've had my nape about 9 days now, It's doing fine from what I think, it gets sore from time to time but usually it's not sore, it's still a light pink around the entry and exit hole but it's showing no signs of rejection or growing out. I clean my nape 3 times a day instead of 2 because at work my hair is down all day and I know that my hair sitting on it isn't the best, so I clean my nape 2-3 times a day with sea salt soaks and anti bacterial hand soap. It's crusty but otherwise doing all right.

My only question now is, was the right kind of surface bar put in?

I know PTFE bars are a lot more comfortable than titanium bars are for the simple fact the PTFE bars bend with the body and don't cause as much tension as a titanium bar would. However..I'm told by my boyfriend PTFE bar is a horrible choice for a nape and I need to take it out,he has the titanium angled surface bar in his nape with flat disks and has had no problems in the year he's had it. I'm not sure how the PTFE bar will handle a month from now...6 months I'm really not sure I just hope it doesn't grow out or reject because the wrong kind of bar is in it. I'm going to continue healing my nape in hopes that I will be able to change it instead of take it out,I'm just really unsure how I would put a titanium angled bar in my nape since it was done free hand and it's so long.

I'm going back this next weekend to get the bar cut down because the bar in it is very long, but overall it wasn't painful and I'm happy I got it done despite my worry about it in the near future rejecting and scarring, I do have to say though my nose stud hurt worse than my nape which is very surprising. I recommend anyone to get it but just be aware that most surface piercings aren't permanent and those who do have the fortune of keeping them longer than a year...two years...is lucky.


submitted by: GrindScream
on: 14 Feb. 2008
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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