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Sternum Microdermal

I told myself I could only get a piercing after I found a new job. Well, I started my new job last week and got my new piercing on Saturday.

I kept seeing microdermals pop up on ModBlog and thought they looked nice and would be ideal for a concealable (non-facial) piercing. I read up on them and watched some videos of the placement procedure.

I was surprised how little info I could find about microdermals aside from BME. This is pretty much the place for pictures and stories. It also worried me because I was concerned about getting stories from people with lots of experience with piercings. I have tattoos but this was my first piercing. I admit, I was thinking about how much a dermal punch would hurt vs a needle piercing. I think after the piercing I ended up rating the pain as a 4 of 10.

I went to Progressive Piercing to see what the jewelry looked like and make sure they did the type of piercing I wanted. I was relieved to see how tiny the part that goes under my skin is. I wanted to get a microdermal on my breast but the piercer explained that it needs a flat place to sit for it to have the best chances of staying in place. I was OK with moving it over a bit to my sternum.

I came back a week later with my roommate there for support and to tell me what the procedure looked like from an outsider's view. Scott J. went over aftercare with me while Scott B. got equipment ready. When everything was ready, my roommate and I went in the piercing room and Scott B. explained the procedure and equipment.

I've worked in the medical field and Scott gloved up and handled the equipment as well as any doctor. And he was a lot nicer than most doctors. He made sure I was comfortable and understood what was going on before he started. He spent a lot of time making a grid to determine placement which is a good thing. I don't want an off center piercing.

I decided to get the piercing above even with the top of my breasts. I didn't want it to be so high that it would be hard to conceal and I didn't want it to be in between my cleavage.

I laid down and on my OK Scott lined up the dermal punch, pressed in, twisted and pulled it out. It surprisingly was minimally painful. My roommate said there was some blood when he took the punch out but not enough for me to notice. Then he placed the "foot" of the microdermal in. He warned me there would be a pop noise and there was. This part hurt a little more but was pretty quick. He screwed on the top of the jewelry, I picked a small opal, and I was done!

He placed a bandage over it since I would be putting a t-shirt on over the piercing site, went over after-care again and invited me to come back in a week to show him how the piercing was healing.

It's been 5 days now and the piercing is healing well. I left it bandaged for the rest of the 1st day and put on a new bandage at night because I was afraid of hitting it in my sleep. For the first day it felt like someone hit me in the chest, kind of a sore feeling. By the 2nd day the pain had faded. It hasn't bled very much. I wake up with a little dried blood on my skin probably because I move around a lot in my sleep. I now have a small yellow bruise at the piercing site. I don't bandage it except to shower. I haven't shown it off yet, it stays under shirts until it heals more. The only time it gets in the way is when I want to lay on my stomach. Then it feels like I'm putting too much pressure on it. Hopefully that will change as it heals.

It sticks out of my skin more than I expected. It looks like a stud earring in my chest. I don't know if that will change or if it's supposed to have some room. I will ask when I go back on Saturday. It may have to do with the jewelry I picked because I have seen flat discs that appear to lay right on the skin. Scott said I could change to a different stone or disc when the piercing heals completely. I will probably go back to have him change it since it's in an awkward position for me to do myself.

Great experience, Scott (both Scotts!) are awesome and now I want more! I'm thinking of adding one above or below when this one heals.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Scott+Barrs
Studio: Progressive+Piercing%2FThe+Alley
Location: Chicago%2C+IL

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