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sternum 2007

Last year, around mid year, I think august or so 2006 I fell in love with surface piercings. So I decided to re new my old, and taken out crappy done sternum, which was done by myself, with a 14 gauge needle and other equipment which I'm too lazy to involve. Anyway so I'd been thinking of renewing my sternum piercing for a really long time. I really adore the look of it and always wanted my own surface piercing. I absolutely love all surface piercings. But I decided to get a nice cleavage bar, because it looked so good, is really pretty, I knew I'd be happy with it and to decorate my chest because I'm only around B sized boobs. So I'm pretty small in the chest area, I thought it would be nice to add a little metal there. To make it a little more fancier.

So, I was looking for a perfect week to get it done. I had to do it on a Saturday because I'm still in school, and also if I went on a school day I'd have to change out of my school uniform and that would just make things more complicated. So I choose Saturday, at around mid day, when I went to my local shopping centre. That day I was a little nervous because I hadn't gotten a piercing done by a professional in about four years or so. My last professional piercing was done in a beauty salon in the same shopping centre in 2004 or 2003, some year like that. That was my navel and it hurt. Wait, my last professional piercing was done this year, it was my nostril which was in February, but the piercer didn't use a needle, she used a gun which made it cheaper and at that time I didn't have enough money on me.

Anyway, I had to also wait for the time to be right for the perfect week I could get my sternum pierced, a good place with professional piercers not people who are stoned and drunk and pay you more. And I also needed a lot of money. I figured I needed around seventy or eighty dollars. I wasn't entirely sure about how much the cost would be so I asked advice from my mate iam: nails. I asked him if he could refer me to a good place that could do professional body piercing, especially surface piercings, how much they'd cost and what age I'd have to be with all those matters too. Since I'm fifteen, I kind of had to lie about my age, well I did lie about my age. But it was good because it made me happy with my choice.

He referred me to a place called Hair house Warehouse in my local shopping centre, which I'd never been to before. So I decided to go along with that idea rather than any other dodgy place that I knew. I knew a few more places but they only did 'normal' body piercings.

After weeks of saving up money, I finally came to the cost I needed $80. I was really stoked! And I had been saving for so long (because I'm not employed). I had wanted to get my sternum pierced from my birthday which was march, and it was coming to June 2007.

So, I took my money and wore a good outfit to make myself look older. I went to the local centre with my boyfriend so he could support me. I was really excited and very very nervous before I even walked into the damn shop! I could tell this would be a very good thrill of my life.

As I entered the shop, I asked if they did body piercings, as in sternum piercings because I didn't book it or anything in advanced. And the guy had no clue of what I was asking so he referred me to their body piercer. He was really nice, his name was Scott. So I asked Scott if he did sternum piercings and he said yes so I asked if he could do it for me. He agreed to it and took me into a back room. You could really tell I was nervous because I started shaking when he didn't even ask me for my age.

He asked me to fill out the form, and I was trying to think if I should put my real age down or my fake age. My boyfriend urged me to put my fake age, so I said I was seventeen. I filled out all the form needs and was almost there.

He asked me to lower my singlet, so I lowered it and he marked with a texta where I would have my sternum pierced. It was really hard for him because I'm pretty short and was shaking like crazy. My boyfriend was trying to calm me down. I felt really brave for going through with it, like something corny. So I lied down on his piercing lounge and tried to relax. I was breathing heavily and trying not to think of what was happening, while looking at the ceiling. My boyfriend was holding my hand, while I was on the lounge trying so hard not to be nervous, which I failed.

Scott sterilised the needle and cleaned the spot where my skin would be and got the needle and the clamps ready. Oh god I was so nervous. As he clamped my skin, he told me he was going to do it. I was getting scared, but I had to go through with it to get what I had wanted for so long.

1,2,3 he said and pushed the needle through. God it hurt like hell, but it was over and I watched my blood run out. Blood doesn't frighten me, but I couldn't watch him put the jewellery in, because it hurt so much. I could feel everything come in and out and the metal was cold. As he was about to screw the balls on, I started to relax clenching my boyfriend's hand. When he was screwing the balls on it hurt so much but I didn't cry. It felt good to get it done again.

After that he cleaned up the mess and did everything he had to do. He also asked if he could take a picture so he could post it up onto his wall, and so I said yes! And I was on his piercing wall which I was really happy about.

One of the greatest decisions I've made. I love my sternum.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: scott
Studio: hairhouse+warehouse
Location: sydney%2C+australia

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