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Our first Dermal Anchors

In November last year [2006] the studio I am an apprentice body piercer at received an email from Jonathon Loveless. It was telling us about something new and exciting called Micro Dermal Surface Anchors. It included a link to an article published on BME and their website, Industrial Strength, where we could purchase these Surface Anchors from.

My boss / head piercer, Mark and I were intrigued. Mark spoke with Jonathon and his wife Eva about buying some of the jewellery and also about how to insert them. They were already coming over to England from Europe to show some other piercers how to perform this new procedure and offered to pop in one day and teach Mark on their way to another studio. One cold afternoon in February they arrived and once we got a quiet moment they brought out their case of goodies and talked us through everything. They began by showing us the jewellery, telling us of the success over-seas and explaining the benefits versus surface piercings. We've been offering surface piercings at the studio for about 4 years with around an 80% success rate, it seems wrists are the most likely to cause problems because of constant use and being knocked and there have been rare problems with cleavage piercings on larger breasted women. Eva was telling us how they'd be amazing to use as facial piercings, removing all gum recession possibility when used as lip piercings.

Jonathon was going to pierce and insert an anchor into my chest to show Mark how it was done then Mark would try on the other side of my chest to leave me with a matching pair. I had no idea what to expect but Jonathon was very calming and reassuring. I am a stickler for symmetry so we spent a while marking the points, after cleaning the area, just below the surface piercings I have below each collar bone, to create a triangle. Once I was finally satisfied with the placement, after a lot of measuring and re-measuring, I lay down on the piercing bed and Jonathon started to pinch and massage my skin. He said it was a bit trickier than normal as the surface bars some what hindered the grip he was able to get on me. They had brought with them the 2.4mm and 2.7mm needles they use to pierce for the Dermal Anchors but as they were un-sterilized we used our own 2.4mm needles.

I felt the first incision but just concentrated on his running commentary to Mark, then the second incision, the other way. Jonathon then removed the needle and demonstrated how if you let go of the skin it will bleed from lack of pressure applied. He then inserted the front, longer 'foot' of the anchor. I then heard an actual popping noise as the back heel was pushed into place, it was very bizarre. Jonathon then said 'I'm going to take it out now so you can see how to re-seat them if you are not happy with your initial fitting'. This was NOT what I wanted to hear! He wiggled the 'stud' out and then put it back in. this took what felt like a few minutes, but was only around 30 seconds and hurt quite a bit!

I was glad it was over and while they talked it through, preparing Mark to have a go, I had a few minutes to check it out in the mirror and calm myself before going for it all again!

I lay down on the bed, as the spot had already been marked at the same time as the first to allow for an easier match up. Mark started to pinch my skin, all the time asking about needle angle and pressure etc and Jonathon reassuring him and talking him through it all again. He pinched quite a bit harder that Jonathon had and for the next couple of days I was left with minor yellow bruising, but then again I do bruise quite easily! Mark made the incisions well and kept the skin pinched to avoid bleeding. He slid in the longer end with no problems but really had to tug to get the shorter, back heel to pop in. I really felt that! The skin felt tight and a bit odd for a couple of minutes but soon wore off. I was so pleased with the end result and couldn't wait to flaunt them as I was the probably the first person in the county with Dermal Anchors!

I had 3mm discs on the anchors to start with and they went really well with my existing surface piercings. I got a lot of complements on them which pleased me no end. We bought 20 anchors that day and Mark started offering them to a select group of regulars at a special low introductory price, just to see how they healed in different areas. We also bought a few different types of screw on attachments and after about a month we tried to change the discs on mine to a pair of flat disc clear gems. We hadn't been told or managed to find any information on when you could start changing the discs. It turns out a month is too soon! I could feel the 'feet' moving under my skin, not pleasant! We waited another 6 weeks and changed them successfully. Since then I've bought some fuchsia 2mm gems to go with the purple gems I wear on my surface piercings and love the look. Apart from the minor bruising I had for the first few days they've always looked perfect. Unlike my stubborn surface piercings which can still get red and angry at times despite being about 5 months older than the Dermals! We tell customers healing time is 3 months to be on the safe side although they look healed after just a few days!

We've been doing them ever since I was guinea pig and I now have 2 more, one on each forearm. But that's another story...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Mak
Studio: Marks+%26+Punctures
Location: Aylesbury%2C+Buckinghamshire

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