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Nurse Steve! Quickly, save the shirt!

Ok so I out of all of my friends I am the most obsessed with piercings and before this story took place I had 12 'real' piercings as well as 10 ear piercings.

One particular payday I was wandering through Manly and decided to drop by my local tattoo/piercing studio, to see if they had any larger gauge stretchers then last time I had been in there, and to say a friendly hello to my now regular piercer Emily. On the way there I picked up my friend who had nothing better to do.

Upon arrival I received news that that had not gotten any larger gauge jewelery and I was dissapointed until suddenly I kind of said without thinking 'Can I get a surface piercing?'. Emily was slightly taken aback by the sudden-ness of it all but said 'Sure, lets have a cigarette while we talk about it'.

We sat outside the shop having a cigarette while I told her I wanted two piercings, just underneath my collar bones. She started pinching the skin and passers by gave us weird looks, so did my friend (who is not very pro-surface-piercing). She told me she would do them with the plastic bendy bars (I forget what they are called...) as opposed to surface bars, as surface bars would tend to rub against the bone and that would be uncomfortable for me. But anyway, she said that there was enough skin, that it was going to hurt, and that it was the first time she would be doing a piercing it that particular area. None of this scared me or anything, so we headed inside to set up and get my new piercings!

This ended up taking longer than we thought because her instruments had only JUST come out of the autoclave and they were burning hot so she obviously didn't want to touch them, let alone put the so my skin! So we sat outside and had another cigarette while my friend shook his head at me and I smiled manically at passers by. We ended up talking for about 20 minutes about working at McDonalds and Marilyn Manson until we remembered what we were actually there to do, haha.

She sat me down and put on a plastic apron, gloves and sterilized the area, then clamped my skin to see how much skin she could pick up. After doing that to one side, she marked dots on the other side of my chest and it took ages to get them straight and had to ask the opinion of a tattooist and my 'Nurse' for the piercing, Steve. After finally getting them even, she got me to lie down in the ever so comfortable torture chair and changed gloves, and opened the needle packaging and all the other sanitary what have you. She clamped the left side of my chest and the clamps hurt. A lot. A lot more than they had when she was marking the dots. I was focused on the pain of the clamps so when she said 'Ready?' I merely nodded and waited for the worst... It never came. I was in a state of shock when Emily yelled 'Nurse Steve! Quickly! Save the shirt! We have blood!'. Steve leapt from his chair and held paper towel near my shirt collar and he said 'Don't worry... I saved it.' I started laughing with the ridiculousness of it all and didn't notice as Emily put the jewellery in and moved to my other side. The second time, same happened, although we were prepared for the blood and I actually felt the needle slightly this time. I stood up, admiring the (very red!) new additions to my body and we went outside to have a cigarette and chat about after care and etc.

About a week later they were looking fine and I found myself with a large sum of money so I went back and got a third piercing inbetween the two existing ones and since she viewed the whole thing as one project they gave me a free 'Manly Tattoo Australia' shirt! As I walked out of the shop a woman walked in and said 'Wow... Its like a necklace of piercings. I dig it.'

I clean them regularly with witch Hazel and do sea salt soaks and they appear to be doing well. There is some redness around the holes but that is because I stupidly slept on my stomach... and because my towel had a hole which one got caught on. Ouchies. These aren't my first surface piercings (I have my nape and my wrist done already) so I know about all the dangers of rejection and etc, and I really hope this doesn't happen, because I love my 'necklace' too much to retire it.

But so far all is good, I am happy, and the general public is shocked.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Emily.
Studio: Manly+Tattoo+Australia
Location: Sydney%2C+Australia

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