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My Geordi Piercing (Fore-Tragus Surface Bar)

So after spending 21 years without any tattoos or piercings, I finally gave in to the urges. I always had a deal with my dad (who is one of the most important people in my life) that I would wait until after college to get any piercings or tattoos. He supported me in everything that I did, and I felt it was the least I could do (especially since he just wanted me to be old enough to not make a stupid, rash decision with something that would permanently affect me).

Anyway, my first piercing was a nape piercing (done very incorrectly with a straight bar, but that's a story for another day). Unfortunately, after a few months of having that in, it wasn't healing correctly. After talking with Ryan at PBA about it, I decided to take it out so it could heal and I could get it redone correctly by him. Unfortunately, as soon as the bar had slid out of my neck, I felt naked. I continually reached up to feel it, only to be upset when I remembered it was no longer there. After a day or so of feeling like this, I decided it was time to get something else.

I talked with Ryan over e-mail for a day or two to set something up, deciding that I wanted to get a facial surface piercing. I went with a vertical surface bar right in front of my tragus. After calling up the day of to confirm he wasn't too busy and he had the proper jewelry, I packed up the car with some friends and some pie (delicious strawberry rhubarb) and left the (sarcasm) sunny (/sarcasm) streets of Cambridge, MA for NH.

I had my friends Harry and Christy along. Harry had gotten his cartilage pierced when I got my nape done and almost passed out, so we spent a lot of time making fun of him for that since he was talking big about getting something else done (and Christy is his girlfriend, so she was obviously taking any chance to take a jab at him). Christy was along to come watch the procedure since she didn't really know anyone else who would do something like this, and she's interested in crazy experiences. It was about an hour drive, so we threw on some music and some Dane Cook. Those two promptly fell asleep so I had about 30 minutes to relax and get ready.

When we got to the shop, I was surprised by its look. PBA is very quaint, with a Olde Shoppe looking sign on the front. I walked inside and Ryan was at the front desk. After talking with him a little about it and filling out the proper paperwork, he set up the room and took me and Christy back there (while Harry looked at the artists' portfolios since he's looking to get a tattoo). The reception area looked cleaner than most piercing room's I've seen, so when I say the piercing room was immaculately clean, I mean compromised immune system room in the hospital clean (yea, I watch way too much House). I sat down on the table, and he talked over the procedure with me. He said since it was smaller he could do it freehand or punch and taper. Since the legality of punch and taper is questionable (read: illegal) in MA and I'd spent so much time reading about it, I decided to go with that. He set up all his tools, got the jewelry ready, and began.

Before I talk about the actual procedure, I've gotta take a few sentences to talk about Ryan. He was great from the minute I walked into the door. Quick to answer questions and very professional. You could tell he was taking it very seriously and wanted me to be happy with the piercing. When he was doing the work, he was very calm, talked me through the whole thing, and constantly changed gloves when there was even a hint of contamination. I would definitely give my highest recommendation to him as a piercer (like he really needs it, though...the man's a legend).

Anyway, back to the piercing. He drew the line on the skin and let me look at it in the mirror to confirm the placement. I lay down on my side and he pulled out the dermal punch. He kneaded the skin a little bit to loosen it and get a good grip. You know the drill; one, two, three, breathe... I heard a crunch like when you bite into a really hard walnut, and then an intense burning in the side of my head. I couldn't really see what was going on, but I figured that that was the first punch. Christy told me later that it looked like a volcano of blood had erupted out of my head. From the looks of the gauze that was used to wipe my face, I can believe it. After a few second, he told me to get ready again...and again, CRUNCH! and pain.

After cleaning the area for a few seconds, Ryan told me that the punches were done and he was going to use the taper. Not the most creative way to describe how this felt, but it felt like someone took a blunt stick and shoved it into an open wound (believe me, imagining it is fairly close to the real thing). He wiggled it around a little from each direction. Christy made it about halfway through this before she had to leave the room (lightweight). She was dripping with sweat (she looked like she had just gotten out of the shower). After a minute or so, he said he was done.

He got the jewelry ready and pulled it through the hole, cleaned it a little, and told me it was done. All in all, it took somewhere around 3 minutes. Did it hurt? Yes. I was expecting it to be painful, but not as bad as it was. Still, it wasn't too bad (though I'm kinda an idiot as far as pain is concerned and don't really let it phase me). I checked it out in the mirror and it looked great. I thanked him, gave him a tip, and headed out with my new piercing.

It's now three months later and the thing has healed perfectly. The two openings are very small and look smooth, like I was born with them. I'm trying to get the name Geordi to stick for this piercing, after the guy from Star Trek (my dad's a big fan, so I grew up watching them) who had the visor. When he took it off, he had to implants in his face that held the visor in place somewhere in the general area of mine. Next up is the other side, so I can try and rig up some magnets in the piercing and get my glasses to stay on my face without the ear hooks attached.

One final thanks to Ryan at PBA.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ryan+Ouellette
Studio: Precision+Body+Arts
Location: New+Hampshire

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Friday, February 11, 2011 @6:15 a.m.
I now want this too just because Geordi's awesome! (Having his name in the title is what made me read your experience, lol). And that's such a good name for this piercing.

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