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Microdermals are definately not my favourite Mod

It all started sometime last year, when I got a surface bar in my sternum. It was one of the greatest piercing experiences I have had so far, and I loved the attention it drew.

It was healing fine when I had a friend jump on me, and tear the bottom hole...after that, it wasn't long before it was slowly beginning to reject.

The idea of not having any metal in my chest anymore, after gaining so much enjoyment from it, horrified me, so I thought about having microdermals put in.

I discussed this with the brilliant Jake, and he thought it sounded like a plan, so one day I went in, and he removed my surface piercing.

It hurt a little, which really should have been a warning sign, but mostly I was upset about losing something that I adored so much.

After it was taken out, I knew that I wanted to get the microdermals straight back in.

I could not handle the idea of not having something there any more, not to mention my mum being all high and mighty about the rejection of my initial piercing.

So Jake agreed.

I lay down, and he warned me that this was going to be the painful part, and used I'm not sure what, to see if the holes I already had were deep enough not to be dermally punched again. This was excruciatingly painful, almost like a very large pin being poked deeper and deeper inside my chest.

Normally I am quite good with pain, but I couldn't help but gasp at this stage, but bit my lip, not wanting to look like a sook in front of one of the greatest people I know :p

Unfortunately, the holes were not deep enough, so a dermal punch of the bottom hole was the first order of the day.

This, was just as bad as the pin-thing before it, and it was so much worse than I remembered it being.

It seemed to be going on forever, and slowly the pain spread to my entire chest.

The surface piercing had been a walk in the park to this!

Then he started on the top microdermal, and it was that agony all over again.

It seemed to be taking longer and longer, and I began to whimper and strain as it got worse.

I couldn't understand why it hurt so badly!

Clearly it was because where my surface piercing had been was alot more irratated, and in a worse condition than either of us had realised.

Then it was done.

But not for long. First the bottom dermal anchor popped back out, then the top one, which dragged alot of the old fistula with it.

I in no way blamed Jake for this, it was my fault for not listening to my body, and thinking that jumping back in so soon would be ok to do.

I was quite shaken afterwards, and had a little bit of a cry, and the bus home was hell. I felt sick, and every hole in the road would send pain through my chest.

It healed over incredibly quickly, but left some reddy-purplish keloid scarring, particularly on the bottom hole, which is where the rejection had started.

Now, me being the fool that I was, still despised the idea of not having those little metal discs on show, and so, I went back.

It was...at least 2, maybe 3 months later however, so the keloid had begun to soften, as well as on Jake's request I had been doing massages, so I was ready to go again.

We decided to go with just one the first time, which was the top, as the bottom was still a little bit too raised.

It was easy peasy, and quite bearable.

We decided to have a 3mm disc this time though, instead of 5mm, as some of the reason my surface piercing had rejected in the first place was because of my boobies bumping into it all the time.

This ended up being a bad idea though, because I swelled up, and the poor little disc began to get swallowed. So Jake had to rescue it, which hurt like a bitch, and after that it began to heal quite beautifully if I do say so myself.

However, it still wasn't as great as having a surface piercing, in my opinion, so I wasn't taking as good care of it as I should have been.

Despite this, it still healed well, and I was quite happy with it.

So soon I was back, after I was happy with the healing and all, and in went the bottom microdermal.

This one was the problem though, because I didn't tape it down as tightly as it needed, so it began to migrate. The base of the microdermal, actually began to push out of my skin, so I could feel the metal if I touched it. So I decided to have it taken out. However, the night before it was due to be taken out, I had a party at my house, and in my excitement, managed to tear the bottom one right out. By this stage I was drunk (stupid I know, the night before getting any type of modification and whatnot done) so I just laughed hysterically (amazingly there was very little blood), miraculously found the microdermal down my shirt, did a salt water soak, and left it. And it actually healed up alot better than it did the first time, which I was quite pleased with.

So, my first microdermal was still going fine, when I went to one of my friend's 18th birthdays.

I got very drunk, went to sleep naked, and when I woke up BAM! Microdermal was gone.

No idea how, but it was.

So, that was the whole experience in a nutshell. I do not regret it at all, not for any reason. It was a learning experience, and it makes a good story to tell at parties.

At this point in time I have no intention to get any more microdermals, but you never know, I'll probably change my mind.

I just find that things that I have to baby so much really get in the way of my lifestyle, and I was sick of not being able to get tight hugs, and be picked up by my boyfriend, or whatever. In the end, my desicion to get microdermals, was to be different, but really, at this stage, while I'm still so young, I don't think I have to get really radical stuff to be different. Also, Ive also discovered that while at first modification was what I used to feel different, it's more now about personal discovery, and finding what I like.

So yeah, I don't regret this experience for a second.

However, I have seen some really great healed microdermals, and if it floats your boat I think it's great if you want to get them :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jake
Studio: Sacred+Art
Location: Newcastle%2C+AU

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