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I love my bridge =)

I have always found the bridge to be a beautiful piercing that can really bring out other facial piercings.

So I decided I wanted one, and talked to my best friend, who is a piercing apprentice, and he has done most of my other facial piercings so I can go in his portfolio & I have never had to pay a dime for when he does my piercings. I trust him enough to pierce and I have never had him give me a bad or crooked piercing.

So, I had a septum, angel-bites (snakebites in your upperlip), vertical labret, two eyebrow rings, and was pretty sure I was ready for the bridge. I came to none other than BME to look for pictures to confirm the decision I wanted one.

I talked about it with him for about a week, and one day he said.. "Well lets do it."

So we went outside so he could get good lighting, and grabbed some clamps, a 14g hollow needle, a few tissues to clean up blood, a marker, and took my jewelry.

After measuring things out he said that I needed a bigger piece of jewelry than I gave him, so I compromised and bended a horseshoe earing I was wearing straight and it was a perfect fit.

I had checked around with people who had bridges & was under the impression that it was very deep and as painful as my septum was... So I braced myself as he cleaned the area with an alcohol pad, made two small markings with a marker and made sure it was straight, the he took the clamps out to make sure that it was going to come out looking good. Well, like usual when I get a piercing - The clamps are the sign pain is on it's way. He took the needle out of the package, and put it through my bridge.

And I was stunned that it was that painless. It hurt a tad more than my eyebrow piercings felt, but barely much more. There was a couple drops of blood, but barely anything to worry about.

He transfered the jewelery through the hole and removed the clamps. I looked at my bridge and blushed in happiness because It was definatly one of my favorite mods I have gotten, Because it seemed to define my face more.

We both where happy that it went well, because this was the first bridge he had ever done. He snapped a picture of it and we both had smiles on our faces.

Now I knew that it was my job to clean it and take care of it for the next few weeks.

The swelling went up the first 2 days after it (like any piercing does) and I kept cleaning the scabbing off it, every now and then I would see a little goo, but nothing too painful.

The biggest problems I found with a bridge was shaving in that area when I saw a stray eyebrow hairs. I would just take it out, shave/pluck the hairs, and put it back in. Which helped a little with the healing process as well.

4 weeks later it was completely healed, and I received compliments about it all the time because it is not so common in my area.

The only negative experiance I can claim to have with it is that one day I was in my friend's garage and passed out with a pair of sunglasses on and banged my head on a chair. My bridge was trickling a little blood because of the sunglasses pushing on it.. and my biggest fear was that I ripped my bridge. I looked in the mirror and everything was fine.

I never faced any migration problems, I am not quite sure if bridges are prone to reject (as most surface piercings do). And I'm thankful for that.

Unfortunately I got arrested for trespassing and I had to remove it, and it healed up some. At the moment I am between jobs and plan on going for TWO bridges in a few months as that one was too centered (There was not quite enough space on my bridge for more than one as it was right in the middle of my bridge area).

It hurts some, but I would definatly recommend it to someone with a few other piercings and a nice facial structure. I never had many problems because I ALWAYS take good care of ALL of my mods like they where my only one. So be sure to be nice to your bridge and clean the icky-icky scabbing, if you ever decide to get one.

I hope this experiance helps the reader with their decision.

Good luck to all of you and thanks for reading my experiance.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Best+friend
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Location: Brandon%2C+FL

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