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So, Surface Peircings.

My whole life everyone has always looked the same, acted the same just to fit in to what 'society' thinks you should be like. I decided at a young age, I wanted to be different and out of the ordinary. Life is too short to god unnoticed and to 'fit in'. I have many tattoos and piercings, among them is a surface piercing on my left arm right above my wrist.   
As soon as I turned 18 years old I decided I wanted to do something wild and get a piercing you don't see everyday. I went over to my good friend at Funtazia in East Meadow and asked him if he would do a surface piercing for me. Not many places will do a surface piercing  because they tend to reject or be potentially dangerous. When a piercing rejects , the body actually forces the jewelry outward in an attempt to heal itself. Surface a piercing  can also be dangerous depending on the placement on the body, for example the location I decided to put the piercing turned out not to be the best spot after all. The piercing would get caught on everything  also ripping it out at one point. My body piercer called me one day  to let me know that apparently some of his customers came in and was talking about some weird bitch that they saw who had a surface piercing on  her arm, he was like okay well I was the weird guy that pierced her and if u have a problem with her you can leave right now because that is my job and basically you not only disrespected my friend but  you  disrespected my job as well. The kids felt stupid because they got put into their place for being so judgmental and shallow.  
Obviously I was too concerned what my family or anyone else thought about my new addition to my piercing collection. My mom was totally appalled, she just didn't understand the concept at all or why I would do something like this to my body. Strangers on the street would ask me if it hurt all the time and I would simply reply, 'why, are u thinking about getting one?' just about everyone that was so curious about it would snap back with a 'no'. I was  known as the 'weird girl' and it didn't bother me one bit. Having a surface piercing actually showed me how shallow people actually where. My mom tried her hardest to convince me to take it out but I would do no such thing. 
When I got the piercing, I expected it to hurt and bleed like crazy. It was virtually painless, thought it did bleed. In the healing process it wasn't like most of the other piercings I have.  To my surprise, the fist few days I actually forgot I even had a fresh piercing, it wasn't sore and wasn't crusty at all what so ever.  Once I started getting it caught on things it became very painful and even annoying. Even wearing a long sleeve shirt became a task, it would get stuck on everything. Every time it would get snagged it would actually rip my skin a little more each time. Then in reaction to re opening the wound my body would try and heal it again, it became infected over and over again. Over the summer I went with my family jet skiing, I fell off and got thrown so hard into the water that the force ripped my surface piercing clean out.  
I would defenitly recommend  going through with getting a surface piercing to people that  are interested in getting one. Just make sure you are willing to take care of your piercing and be very wise with the placement. You must be aware of your piercing at all times or you might just have a mishap like that of me. Also, if you are prone to your body rejecting, make sure a surface piercing is something you really want. If your piercing seems to be getting smaller or the jewelry is sticking out more than usual, you should remove the jewelry immediately. This is also not for  people that are concerned with scarring, even if your surface piercing doesn't get ripped out you still will have some sort of scarification on your body. 
After the piercing was ripped from my arm it was very hard to heal. It was a line about an inch wide and a quarter inch deep. As the skin started to grow over the wound I could already tell it would be a gnarly scar. During the healing process if I pressed on where the piercing used to be, green puss would come out. It was pretty discusting. Even now, about a year later I have a pretty noticeable scar. If I could go back a year and change my decision to get a surface piercing, I wouldn't. I still stand by my decision , now I have a story to tell. And I also took a lot of life lessons along with me. I learned that the people of society  DO judge a book by its cover, no matter how many people try and say they don't.  It taught me to be yourself at all times and don't pay attention to other peoples reactions or beliefs. Nobodys opinions matter but those of yourself. It sets me apart because in everyday life not everyone has a surface piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: jay+tat
Studio: funtazia
Location: east+meadow+ny

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