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Accepting (and Incorporating) the Scar

As the title mentions this is not a successfully healed piercing story. But it has a happy ending. If that matters.

This was my second attempt at this piercing. I did it myself the first time after seeing a picture of Madison in a magazine. I had never thought of piercing anything but my ears which were heavily pierced on both sides. This was a long time ago and body piercing was just becoming better known. I did it with a ring. Surprisingly strait but upon meeting a professional piercer he pronounced it too shallow to survive long term. He urged me to take it out and have him re-pierce it when it healed. He did a lot of other piercings for me but never that one. Then I moved and lost touch.

Six months ago after many years of being metal free I started wanting to finally do this one. I decided to try a shop my old friend used to work out of. I figured the fact that they were still open was a good sign. Probably. Maybe. I could check.

So I went down to St. Marks Place. And was shocked. The whole street is lined with places advertising piercing. Gift Shop, Electronics, Body Piercing all in one convenient location...Andromeda the place I had in mind was closed. I was almost relieved. This was scary. On my way back to the train I passed a place called Whatever. I really like that word. This old Russian musicologist friend of mine said it was her favorite American expression. I say it a lot apparently.

I went in and was surprised that it looked clean. Glassed in work spaces, signs about not changing jewelry in the store, good selection of jewelry. I met the owner. She said she had no piercer in but what did I want anyway? I told her a Madison surface piercing. She asked if I would wait 10 minutes for her to call someone. I said okay. She proceeded to call and argue with some one. She kept repeating "No baby! It has to be Josh. Just put him in the cab." I wasn't sure what to make of this. I offered to make an appointment and come back but she said he was already coming.

Then she said "You're going to like him. He's very handsome"

I may have left right then but that Josh walked in. I have gotten to know him so much better in the last six months that it seems funny to write this now but he was a bit intimidating. He has a habit of glaring at you sometimes in a dark and considering sort of way. So he glared at me a little and pinched my neck a lot. Then he asked if I would consider coming back with him to the other shop. He had tools there to bend the bar. I said okay and we went to get a cab. I didn't even know where we were going. I thought to myself is this wise?

So, on to Whatever on the West Side. We didn't speak most of the way over. Then he asked me why I wanted this piercing? I said I had had it before. He told me he knew that already. The scar. He showed me his neck with a similar mark. We talked rejection rates. On a side note he has since had a microdermal placed there and it is doing well at several months.

At the shop he asked if I could wait while he did a quick Labret so he could take his time with this. While I was waiting he gave me his book to look at. This was a real watershed moment for me. The piercings were seemingly well done. Healed photos too. But what grabbed me were a series of scarification pictures at the back. I had never seen that before only heard rumors. I had not found this site yet. Since then I have been cut about 6 times by him. More extensively each time. But that all came after.

When it came to the piercing he took a lot of time marking things. Then made sure I saw everything opened clean and sterile. The bar was bent at 90 degree angles. I even saw the autoclave.

Deep breath in and out and done. It really looked amazing. Silver balls hovering. No bar visible. No dimpling in. Just right. People I showed it to right after were baffled as to how the balls were stuck on. People who do not look at BME.

I went home and washed it before bed as directed with diluted Provon. After some awkwardness I fell asleep and thats when the trouble began. I move in my sleep. A lot. Years ago with the ring that was not an issue. With this way the bar would pop out on whichever side I lay on. I woke up that first night not in pain but wondering why I was so sweaty since the room was cold. I went into the bathroom, turned on the light and almost screamed. I looked like some one had cut my throat. Blood was smeared up to my chin and my shirt was wet with it. Worse it was still dripping. I covered it with some gauze and it soaked the pads right thru. I put more on and went back to sleep saying "Its never as much blood as it seems"

It never bled again after that. And things looked good for a month or more. It had retracted just a bit but thats to be expected I hear. And I have to admit I messed with it too much.

At about six weeks I caught it on a towel after a shower. The next day it blew up all along the length of the bar. I tried sea salt soaks and that helped some. But then it blew out the old scar underneath. Particularly the exit dot. It was ten years healed or more but it now looked like a bug bite. Bad. It was pushing out too, more and more bar visible. While being cut one night I said "I think I killed the Madison." He said "Let's see..." Then nodded grimly but said nothing. I pulled it out the next day. I am just not die hard about saving a piercing.

It left two red dots and I have very white skin. I had a cutting done on my chest below it. Strait lines. While irritating that I ended up getting a lot of vaseline, sugar, and lemon juice on the dots. Probably ill advised but no harm was done. 2+4=6 when I had surface clavicles lined up with the scar and then removed them at one month. Scar necklace. So six lines and six dots. Then came 12 letters cut and peeled and only almost healed. It just keeps evolving. I think of Josh warning me in the cab about the possibility of scarring. Talk about unexpected results all around.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Josh
Studio: Whatever
Location: NYC

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