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Nape escape....

Alright, I have been very curious about Nape piercings since the first time I saw one a few years ago. I honestly never thought I'd have one, but I also never thought I'd have half the piercings I do. Honestly, it's the BAF forums fault, hehe. So after seeing some nape surface piercings a few months ago, I started my research. I looked into everything and learned about rejection, different methods, different types of jewelry, etc. I like to know everything I possibly can about a piercing so I know what to expect. I also read a lot of experiences here on BME and some relaxed me, some scared the crap out of me. Anyways, a few weeks ago I finally called Tiffany over at Bound by Design and talked to her about getting my nape done. They had an order of Body Circle surface bars with discs coming in, and she told me she would let me know when they came in. So now I'm getting more anxious and excited, and decide to talk to a few friends about it and ended up convincing my one friend to come with me and get hers done too. So finally after a few weeks, the jewelry came in, and I was ready to go after work. Let me tell you...that 4pm - 5pm wait was the longest hour I've known in my life...I was so excited.

So 5pm rolled around....finally, and I sprinted out the door and met up with my friend, and we walked over to BBD. When we got in there, Tiffany came up to us and simply said that she had only done a couple napes and wasn't feeling it today, but Patrick is amazing at it and she would rather assist him. I was completely fine with that, I really respected the fact that she told be rather than being a ball of nerves while doing my nape. So we went in to talk jewelry with Patrick. I picked a 14g 1" surface bar and my friend went with a 14g 15/16". They put the jewelry in the autoclave and started the set up.

So sitting on the table being measured, aligned, checked, adjusted, rechecked, was just getting me more excited. Patrick kept apologizing for the time he was taking and for being so anal, but I am extremely anal about any mods, so I was happy that he was too. I'd rather have someone take the time to get it right than have to do it twice due to negligence. So it took about 45min to completely setup the marks and then he showed me how to lay on the table and there I was....face down, staring at the floor, heart beating out of my chest, and anxious as all hell. What I love about Patrick is that he thoroughly explains everything he's doing, and this kind of put me at ease, even though Tiffany could probably feel my elevated heart rate (she was holding my collar back). Anyways, the iodine went on...soon after, I felt those lovely clamps and I knew it was go time.

I had no clue what to expect. This had potential to hurt....a lot.

So Patrick tells be to take a big breathe in.....here we go.....and exhale. The needle went through like I was butter. I felt nothing but pressure and the coldness of the needle, which felt really cool. This was such a euphoric feeling. I have never felt this from a piercing, it was new. There was no pain when he put the jewelry in either. It just slipped right in and the discs were screwed in. I'm done.

The fun part of this procedure was that I got to watch it done to my friend after me (she wanted me to go first, haha)so I got to feel it, and then see it.

So when all was said and done, we went over the standard aftercare sheets, and he also took the time to go into not so standard aftercare to make sure we end up with really healthy piercings. Patrick wanted us to come back in a week to check on them and make sure all was well, and that was pretty much it.

The best part about it, sleeping was fine...dressing as well. I am always very meticulous about aftercare, but this piercing already feels like I've had it a while. There has been now swelling and strangely...no pain, at all. I'm usually eating Ibuprofen like skittles, but I've had no need.

Summed up...When Tiffany said Patrick really knew his napes....she wasn't kidding. I am really glad she was still in the room helping out with the piercing. The way she put it, "I haven't messed up a piercing on him you yet, and I don't want to start today"



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Patrick+Scarano
Studio: Bound+by+Design
Location: Denver+CO

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