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Self piercing back of wrist

Chatting to mates at school about some new piercings I wanted, my best friend Hayley told me to look on here to find some unusual ones. So later that day I can home, logged on to the p.c and ooh-ed and ah-ed for ages and ages over each section before finally coming to the surface piercings, I'd always wanted to get surface piercings on each of my hips, but didn't want to pay for something I knew would reject soon, and also the thought of them catching on everything freaked me out too much so I never got them done, despite the absolute love for them.

So looking at surface piercings I came across some pictures of someone who had pierced their own arm a few times. It looked so different and the fact it was free and pretty discreet made it seem perfect. Due to being an emo for a little while a year ago, I wasn't one to flinch at wrist pain and the idea of piercing myself made me pretty excited. A couple of nights later, I was lying in bed, bored. I started thinking of piercing myself again. So I got a big safety pin from my mum's sewing box.

First concerns obviously were cleaning it. I did not want to get infected. So not knowing what to do for sure, I did all the things I could which I thought would clean it. I put it in boiling water, covered it in alcohol then boiled it again; finally I cleaned it with an alcohol swab thing from the medicines cabinet. Then I cleaned my wrist with another swab thing. Ready.

For some reason, despite me being right handed, I picked up the pin with my left hand, pinched a bit of the skin with the middle to fingers and held the pin with my index finger and thumb. Pushing the pin through the first few layers of skin was fine, but then it got really hard to move it, not because of the pain (there wasn't any at all!). So I put my wrist sideways against the edge of my desk, used my middle finger and edge of the desk to pinch the bit of skin the pin was sticking out of, and the other fingers to steady my hand. With my thumb I pushed down on the pin till it hit the wood.

That was the most exciting part. It was all the way through my skin. And unfortunately probably the easiest bit too. Next I had to push the pin through so I could close it. Now this was difficult, really really difficult. As I pushed the pin the skin moved with it. So putting my index finger on one side of the pin, and my middle finger on the other, I pushed down on the skin as I pushed the pin in the opposite direction with my thumb. (At this point seriously wishing I'd done it on the left wrist so I'd have better control of the pin.) And then it was through, with the skin in the middle of the pin, I closed it.

It didn't hurt at all. Not even a tiny bit, despite all the annoying pinching of skin, fiddling around with it and lack of control. No pain at all! Even more amazingly, it didn't bleed or even go the teeniest bit red. (Well I thought it was pretty damn amazing considering what I'd just done) I was so immensely proud of myself, I honestly felt like dancing round my room. Actually all I wanted to do was show EVERYONE. But being the middle of the night, and living with people that would probably rip my head of for doing it, I had to keep it to myself till the morning. Well kind of, I text Hayley and Brendan to tell them, no replies though. (It was like 4am)

So I had to sleep, without knocking it too much, so I go some of that skin tape stuff and taped the pin to my arm. It worked amazingly well and I woke up in the morning still completely pain free. School day. Ripping the tape stuff of hurt a bit, and when I was getting dressed I hit it about 100 times of everything so it got a bit red, but no lasting pain. I always wear lots of sentimental stuff on my wrists, some of which I cant actually get off, so I had to tape some of it to my arm so it didn't move and knock my new piercing before it had healed. The rest of it, I moved to the other arm.

At school, I showed everyone. Got mixed responses to it. My equally weird friends loved the fact I had a pin through my wrist. The normal people though, said I was crazy and an idiot. Made me love it even more. It was my favorite thing and I was so proud of it. Every time I showed someone they said I was weird but I didn't care at all.

Eventually it started going all red and I knew it would either reject or get infected so I decided to take it out. Hayley wanted to see me take it out, so I did it at school. Had to pull it out with my teeth because it was really difficult. But it didn't hurt at all. (Also really surprising to be honest) And I was left with 2 small holes on my wrists, which are healing up now. (They look a little bit like a snake has bitten me) I miss it already and have been thinking about doing it again soon because I really like the whole self-piercing feeling and the responses I got for it. Next time I think I'll do my left wrist so it's easier. And hopefully I'll keep it in for longer.

Don't try this if you don't know about piercings or the area you're piercing cos it can be dangerous and stupid

Kortni xx


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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