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My favorite piercing ever.

Let me start off by saying that I'm fifteen. And my parents hate body modification of any kind. Besides plucking my eyebrows, I'm not allowed to change my body in any way. This might have something to do with the fact that my family is Asian, but. I'm going to get to the point: my sternum was definitely not my fist body piercing. In the past I've also had a septum, navel piercing, inverse navel piercing, a nape, and multiple ear piercings and stretchings. 

I got these mods, along with a few tattoos, in Beijing, China. People

familiar with the quality of the body mod industry in China know that it's not exactly the best in the world, and along with my less than attentive care of my piercings, most of them got infected and I was forced to take them out.

I've always wanted a surface piercing, and I decided that a sternum was easiest to hide. I also decided that it would look the best on me. So I called up my friend, got 200 yuan (25 US dollars) and we took a taxi to Assassin, a tattoo place we discovered by accident and liked very much.  

As we climbed the stairs in the old apartment building in which the shop was located, I immediately got nervous. Flutterbies flitted around in my stomach and my legs felt weak. Although this wasn't my first piercing, I felt that it would be extremely painful. My hand went to the place between my breasts, the place I was about to pay to have a hole inserted. I swallowed, pressed the doorbell. As my friend and I browsed the extensive display of body jewelry in a glass case, Hai Tao (who is pretty hot, according to my friend) explained what I already knew: he didn't have any surface bars, so I had to use a 16g curved barbell. An eyebrow ring, you say? Yep. 

We went into the back room, he turned on the fluorescent light, started preparing the clamp, jewelry, and gloves. I sat down, held my breath, and tried to control the constant fluttering in my intestines. My friend told me to take off my shirt, and I immediately regretted not wearing a low cut shirt. 

As Hai Tao extracted the clamp from the Autoclave (or some other disinfecting thing), I squeezed my friend's leg and touched my cleavage again. 

He pulled my chair closer and I tensed up. He smiled, told me not to be nervous. I relaxed a bit (because he WAS kind of hot) and slid closer, thrusting out my chest (for the piercing, all you pervs). 

He alcoholed my cleavage and unscrewed one ball of the eyebrow barbell. He handed me the marking pen and told me to mark my own piercing. At first I thought this was kind of weird, but he said it would help him place the piercing. I shrugged and turned toward the mirror. Trying to ignore how fat my stomach looked, I drew two dots on my chest with a trembling hand. 

He grabbed a piece of flesh from between my breasts and drew a slight gasp of pain from me. He smiled again, told my friend to grab some gloves to help him clamp my chest. 

I have to admit, the clamping hurt much more than the actual piercing. For days after the piercing, I had red marks from the clamp. 

But fortunately, I have quite a high tolerance of pain! So I didn't mind the clamping, though it hurt like hell. 

So on to the actual piercing. He took the needle out of the Vaseline (?) he had placed it in and told me to take a deep breath. I complied, glanced at my friend, who took my hand, and felt a sharp pinch. I immediately thought that it wasn't so bad. I looked down at my chest and saw the needle exiting my flesh. I let out the breath I had been unconsciously holding and said the first thing that came to mind: "That's it?" My friend laughed and told me there was still the problem of inserting the jewelry, which turned out to be also more painful than the piercing itself. 

He took the disinfected eyebrow barbell and inserted it into the needle, and simultaneously pulled the needle and pushed the jewelry. This hurt quite a bit. 

When the barbell was inserted, it took about five minutes to screw on the top ball of the barbell because of the position of the piercing and the size of the ball. Hai Tao had to pick it up and disinfect it several times. 

When the jewelry was finally secured and I paid, he offered me a cigarette, which I gladly took after all the clamping and piercing. My friend and I stayed a while looking at his tattoo customer portfolio, then said thank you and goodbye. 

The aftercare was pretty much nonexistent. I just cleaned it with alcohol every night (bad idea, I know) and avoided getting it wet for a week after the piercing. I had my sternum for about 6 months before the rejection got really bad and I had to remove it. 

And now I have an ugly scar between my boobs, but I gained an experience! So though my cleavage is maimed forever, I don't regret it, because the piercer was professional and I got to enjoy my sternum for a while. 

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Hai+Tao
Studio: Assassin+Tattoo
Location: Beijing%2C+China

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