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My collar bone surface piercings

Okay so this is my story about my collarbone surface piercings. I first seen collarbone piercings about 2 years ago and ever since then, I've wanted them. I've had a lot of different piercings before e.g. ears, navel, eyebrow, lip, tongue. But I'd never had a surface piercing before, I thought they looked amazing. I did a lot of reading up about them, the different types and piercing techniques. I also read about migrating and rejection, the average expectancy was 6 months. The aftercare that I had read about included things like using saline solution and soaking the piercings and also being careful about clothing catching. So I went in to Glasgow Piercing studio about 5 weeks ago and sat and had an in-depth conversation with Rachel, she explained all about the procedure, how she would mark where the piercings would be and then how she would pierce me. She told me all about how she had, had her collar bones pierced twice and that her first set lasted around 6 months but when she got them re-pierced they only lasted 3. I felt a lot better knowing that she had been through it. She also told me that after I got the piercings I should not use anything like fake tan and be aware of ALL solutions I use, even shower gel. She also told me about how I would have to clean the exit holes each morning using saline solution and how I would have to soak cotton wool with warm saline solution and place it on my piercings for around 20 minutes each night, I was told only to put a small amount in a yoghurt tub and place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. She also explained to me that I would have to change my pyjama top each night and my bed covers at least once a week as dead skin cells can cause inflammation and irritation. She advised me to wear cotton if I didn't normally and to be extremely careful of strappy tops in case they caught my bars. She said even if I did do all this my piercings would eventually reject but doing this would prolong them which I was happy about. Her opinion of collar bone piercings lasting was 6-10 months which was longer than I had originally thought. I was told that the piercings would be £30 each and that if I would prefer to have both done at the same time (which I did) then that was fine and she was happy to do it. I had a lot to think about so I left and had a good think about it, I spoke to my mum and a week later (Tuesday June 26th) we went back to Glasgow Piercing Studio. It was Rachel who was in again so I felt very comfortable going in, she explained everything to me again and answered any questions that my mum had and then invited her into the room where they do the piercings. I had a shoulder top on because I knew I was going to have to have the exposed to pierce my collar bones so I took off my zipper and sat on the bed. Rachel then cleaned the area around my collar bones and then proceeded to have a good feel around the bones and took her first markings, she then got me to stand up and move my arms different ways, meanwhile changing the markings each time. I liked how much of a perfectionist she was because she must have re-marked me about 20 times, so after around 10 minutes she asked me to look in the mirror and tell me what I thought of the placement. There were 4 little dots, 2 on each side just under my collar bone. They were even on both sides and slightly diagonal which I liked, I told her I was more than happy with the settings and she told me to lie back down. I wasn't really able to see her do the piercings because of where they are, I had to keep my head up while she was doing it, I wasn't complaining. She used a freeze spray and then did my right collarbone from right to left, I felt the needle go through but it was more of a dull pain than an obvious one. She told me that she had done the first one and then spoke to me as she was putting the jewellery in. It was a bit uncomfortable but nothing I hadn't dealt with before. She made sure that I felt okay and then pierced the left side, as she put the needle through, I felt this side more. Again it wasn't an excruciating pain but it did have quite a sting on it, I flinched slightly and by that point she had told me it was done and she was putting the bar in. I would definitely say the second one hurt more but Rachel said that was common with most piercings done at once, which made sense. She made sure I felt totally fine and wasn't lightheaded or anything before she told me to slowly sit up, there was a mirror across from me and I saw the little speckling glints for the first time, I smiled and then stood up and went for a closer look. I really liked them they were lovely, they didn't look swollen but they were very inflamed but Rachel assured me this was normal. They were totally even and symmetrical, I was ecstatic. She told me to expect some heavy bruising all around the piercings, not just the exit holes and I'm glad she did. My mum went to give her the credit card to pay but apparently the machine was broken so I was told to go in the next day and pay her as neither of us had any cash. So I left GPS and the first thing I did was go and buy a few cotton t-shirts, 2 bottles of saline solution and cotton pads. I met up with some friends later on and by then most of the redness had subdued, they all really liked my new piercings. That night I did as Rachel had instructed and soaked them for 20 minutes, well actually I soaked them for 5 extra just in case. I really want my piercings to last. I put a clean top on and went to bed, I probably had the worse sleep ever. Trying to find a way to lie without touching my piercings or stretching them was hard work. The next day I cleaned around the exit holes with some cold saline solution. There was a little yellow bruising but nothing extreme. When I was cleaning my left piercing I noticed that the right side of the bar was slightly raised which worried me quite a lot so when I went in to pay I asked the girl is she thought it looked okay. I didn't catch her name but she was also very nice, she told me that she and Rachel would be in on Saturday morning so I should come back then but it didn't look serious enough to remove there and then. Over the next few days I kept my eye on it and it just stayed the same, it didn't stick out any more or sink back. I was disappointed but I just kept thinking it could be worse. I found sleeping on my side with a pillow next to me was the most comfortable way to sleep and I kept cleaning my piercings in the morning and soaking them at night. Saturday morning came and my best friend and I went into town and were at GPS by half 11 as that's when I was told was their quietest time on that day. It was only Rachel that was in and she had a good look at both piercings, neither were bruised anymore which she was pleased about and she said it was my decision but she didn't think if I was happy enough that the raised bar would cause a problem. She suggested I think about it carefully because if she did remove one then I would have to wait until it had healed before getting it re-pierced, which meanwhile my right side would probably migrate out so I would only have both for a short period of time. She told me to come back in a few weeks and see what happens. It has been 2 weeks since then and my piercings have cleared up completely, I would obviously be more happy if my left side wasn't more prominent than my right but it isn't blatantly obvious so I've decided to keep both. I've kept up the aftercare and continued with the warm saline soaks, I would advise this piercing to anyone considering it, as long as they keep in mind what it involves. I hope to have mine for a long while to come.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rachel
Studio: Glasgow+Piercing+Studio
Location: Glasgow%2C+Scotland.

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