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Hip piercings with my own little hands

Hello, I am bunny and I live in New York City with my best friend Mischa. We are both extremely into body modification and have done all of our own piercing. The latest one I have done was just a couple of weeks ago, but the one I am going to tell you about is one we did about a year ago.

Well, how all of this started is, I adore hip piercing so much. I find them so interesting and beautiful. They are just amazing and I have always wanted one, but could never find a piercer who could do it right. So it was like it was ticking in my head, I just had to get it done. So Mischa suggested that we just get the stuff to do it and do it ourselves. It had never occurred to me that we could actually do this ourselves and it excited me, so I agreed.

We ordered our stuff, a couple of 12 gage hypodermic needles, clamps, alcohol, the surface bars, and all the stuff to keep it clean and not get infected. So for the weeks after we ordered everything, we just got more and more excited waiting for the things to arrive. Finally 2 weeks after we ordered everything, we were ready.

I was jumping and skipping around our apartment, I was so happy that finally I was going to get my piercing. Right after me and Mischa danced around the living room singing and hopping, her boss calls, someone didn't show up for their shift and Mischa had to fill in that day.

We were so bummed. The only other bad thing was we couldn't do it the next day either because I had to work. So after looking at all our supplies and sulking I got over it and waited the extra two agonizing days.

Finally the day comes, I wake up at 7:00 am and it took me a couple of minutes of being sad that I couldn't get my piercing that day and then it hit me. I was getting them today. I really was. So I ran into Mischa's room and jumped on her waking her up instantly. After being giddy and jumpy all through breakfast, finally we could do it.

We cleared out some breakable things in the living room so I wouldn't break anything, just in case. I lay on the couch and Mischa set up everything. I had so much energy I couldn't stop moving. I was so happy. It took Mischa 10 minutes to calm me down enough so she could pierce me.

She started marking the spots and opening everything. While she opened everything I looked in the mirror to see if I loved them. I did, I instantly loved them, even though they were only marks. So I calmed myself down again and lay down again. Mischa asked if I was ready, of course I screamed yes. So she put the clamps on and lined up everything. I watched her the whole time. She looked at me and counted to 3 then looked down and stabbed the needle through. I jumped a little and screamed just a bit, but never looked away.

Wow the needle was actually through. I couldn't believe I was getting my favorite piercing. So Mischa looked at me to see if I was fine and of course I was still excited. She put the bar through and I swear that hurt worse than the needle, but still I loved It so much and could not wait for the next one. Mischa got the clamps and put them on the other side, my hurt side. You know like one side of your body hurts worse than the other, yeah, that's my left side.

I was jumpy and just couldn't wait; she got the needle and counted again. Then bam, it went though and I screamed for at least a couple of seconds, that one hurt. But I was laughing in seconds, I was just so relieved and happy, it was like I was flying. Mischa made sure I was okay then put in the bar, and that hurt. I couldn't think about the pain though, I was just so giddy to get the see them. Wow, so I lay on the couch for a couple of minutes before I got up to see it. Then I looked in the mirror and squeaked with joy. They were perfect and beautiful. I ran and hugged Mischa nearly to death.

Well after that I pierced Mischa, but that's another story.

So I cleaned them everyday and they were complete healed in a couple of months. I was kind of worried that it would reject, but no signs of it ever happened and a year later, I still have my baby!!!

They are completely fine and dandy and I love them so much! It is amazing!

Thank you for reading my story...oh and if you decide to do a surface piercing yourself, make sure you know what you are doing. If you don't, it could end up really bad. Have a nice day!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Me+and+my+friend+Mischa
Studio: My+house
Location: New+York

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