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First Surface Piercings, Hooray!

The first time that I saw a surface piercing on the nape I decided that I had to have one. They kind of have a certain elegance to them, I think. Also, I was really interested in how tygon would feel in skin. I've always just had some sort of metal barbell or plug and I had heard that it's very comfortable. At the time, I didn't have any friends who had gotten these done, so it was kind of new territory. I saved up in my little piggy bank and finally the day came. Yay! (I'm horrible at saving money, so it's just a testament to how much I wanted these.)

Anyway, I decided to go to Steve Truitt at Stay Gold because he had done some of my punches and my nipple piercings. He seems like a pretty decent guy and it was an overall professional experience the last few times. Plus, I've had some tattoo work done there by other artists and it's always been a pleasant with them as well. I had all that other work done when they were still Ten-In-One, but all the same people worked there after the switch, I believe. Actually I have no clue.

Back on track now! Out of all my piercings my nipples were probably the most painful, but I'd have to say that these ranked high for me. They didn't take all that long, honestly. After he pushed the needle through I really was hoping that it was done with, but the insertion of the tygon was kind of painful as well. I decided on getting two done because, well, I think they look better in pairs and I had enough cash to do it. It wasn't excruciating by any means, but it really did feel much different than my other piercings.

The piercer did an awesome job with the placement. Nothing can ever be perfect, but they're symmetrical enough to look it.

Afterwards was kind of a trip. I had never really had an adrenaline rush from a piercing before, but man, I had to have someone drive me home (friends came with). I can be a little fragile sometimes, though, so don't let this change your mind to get it done. I know for a fact that I should have eaten better before I get it all done. My bad. Make sure to talk about these kind of things with your piercer.

I absolutely hate the feeling of adrenaline rushes, though. Urgh, everything gets all white and dizzy and bleh, I can't understand the appeal of them. Anywho, it didn't last long. I really just needed to get something in my stomach.

The heal time wasn't bad at all for me and I get a lot of compliments on them, even from crazy elderly people. As far as soaking that type of piercing goes it really is easiest to put your sea salty-good solution on a washcloth and then just lay it over the area.

Having the tygon switched out is no big deal as well. It's basically like, they pop off the balls, fiddle around with some crap, cut some tygon, and then pop the balls back on. It really does take all of five minutes. It's kind of cool, the tygon makes just a little bump under your skin, but you can only feel it, it's never obvious when you look at it.

Usually I go through fads of wanting certain things and then taking them out when I get sick of all the metal, but my nape piercings are never EVER coming out. The tygon is so comfortable I barely notice that they are there. Plus, I haven't really had any problems with infection or anything like that, because as long as you don't keep your neck all crusty and gross you'll pretty much be fine. I usually just wash it with provone when I'm in the shower and that does the job nicely. Nothing says awesome like squeaky clean piercings, yay! Just be sure to check with your piercer about all after care and whatnot.

Sometimes I do forget they are there though, because yeah, they are on the back of my head. But every time someone exclaims "Oh! Wow, I didn't know you had those, those are so cool!" I get all giddy because it reminds me that I totally love them.

Afterwards some of my friends decided to get some surface piercings done as well. One of them got hers done near her ribs, and she has complained that sometimes the balls get stuck on certain fabrics, but that kind of comes with the territory. Just be careful or you'll have some smarting piercings.

In a nutshell, I had a pretty positive experience with these. I made sure to go to a piercer I trusted and regularly have my tygon switched out. Like anything, if you take good care of something it'll take good care of you. I haven't had any problems with rejection either, so if you want something like this you should definitely do it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Steve+Truitt
Studio: Stay+Gold
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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