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Damn hand web

Well... this is probably the time that I tell you don't DIY hand web piercings. But whats that going to change? So many articles I've read that have warned me not to do piercings myself. And did I listen? Stupid question.

Well this all happened about a month ago, when the house was totally empty, minus me of course. My rents really have to stop leaving me all alone. Its lead to more piercings that just my hand web. Anyways, I've been planning to do my hand web for weeks before hand so it wasn't something that popped up overnight.

After reading sterilization and aftercare tips for about an hour, I was having second thoughts about this and to add to that, if my rents ever found out I'd be living out the remainder of my days without a hand. I had a pretty big fight with my dad before he let me get my ears pierced. So, you know I figured getting any other part of my body pierced would cause me to lose my limbs if dad found out.

I was about to drop all this, before someone upset me on MSN, so i grabbed a 16g sewing needle (BAD IDEA) and a 16g Curved barbell and set to work. I wiped everything with Isopryl Alcohol and washed my hands =/ but thats not nearly enough for proper sterilization.

Here comes the really grotesque, I'm-not-quite-in-my-right-state-of-mind part. The needle was pretty blunt and the skin was kind of thick. I decided to pierce my left hand since I'm right handed. It all makes sense. So I got the needle past the first layer of skin and so on, but when it started hitting the fleshy part the needle just wouldn't go through. I kinda began to screw the needle in, twisting and turning it into my flesh. It worked, but it took slightly over an hour. When the needle came out of the other side I didn't even have the satisfaction of hearing this famous 'pop' everyone talks about. Mine just screwed through.

There was no blood, there was no pain up to this point.

Getting the ring through was a breeze but it hurt like a bitch. At that point my rents came back home with some groceries. ARGHH!! I dropped everything and with my knees shaking, shoved everything I was using underneath the sink and prayed. I hadn't even finished screwing the two balls onto each side of the barbell. So I had some dodgy piece of screw sticking out. When everything settled down I proceeded to clean up, and screw the balls on.

The next day it looked fine. I was so proud and so eager to show people. Pity it was a long weekend.

I didn't soak it in salt water or anything for about 4 days. I kept forgetting. So in about one weeks time it was red, swollen and crusty.

At school I copped a lot of 'wtfs' and 'you're a freaks'. But who cares. What do they know? It's not like anyone in my freakishly big, girl school had their hand pierced, Only me. But those people who support my weird addiction, I adore them so much. It takes a special kind of person to look at a teen with her hand pierced and not turn away.

But I have awesome friends.

Keeping it out of the line of sight of my parents was a bit harder than keeping it from my teachers. I mean at school all I had to do was pull my sleeve down over my hand. But at home I repeatedly had to take the ring out, put band aids over it, put pressure on it with my thumb, wear gloves and so on and so forth. I doubt that really helped the healing process. But I loved this piercing so much, I didn't want a thing like tight parents to get in the way.

I knew that the piercing would barely make it to a two weeks mark, so I decided to change the ring, just for the hell of it. I bought some eyebrow ring with a pretty little gem in it and replaced the plain boring one I had.

On our two week anniversary I decided to take it out.

I still have the scar, it turns purple when I'm cold :) yeah I miss my hand web so much. =( Its not so much the ring but it's the fact that I could freak out anyone I wanted to. Sigh good times.

Its been a month now. I will re pierce it soon.

Believe me, I don't learn from my mistakes.

I just hope you do.

If you have any questions or anything, you are always welcome to send me an email. I'd be glad to answer anything hand-web related.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 July 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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