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Sternum and surfaces - when will we learn?

I have a permanent scar near my heart that reminds me every day of the boy I love. And luckily for you, this is not a sappy story with a tragic ending, as the boy in question is still very much the one of my dreams also. And I'd like to think that for as long as this story stays on BME, this will still be the case.

If you had not have found this story via the section that says 'sternum peircing', or the like, then I could have used this opening section to get you guessing as to why I have a scar on my chest: did her boy cut her? Has she got his name tattooed across her boobs? Sadly, no, as the pair of us are actually quite vanilla and our mid-twenties rebellion mainly centres around piercings. For now, anyway... ;)

It was the summer of 2006, and following a successfully healed nape piercing back in the autumn before that, I had become quite a fan of the surface piercing. Between the boy and I, we have had...let me count...12 surfaceys in about as many months. And my nape has, quite sadly, been the only one to stand the test of time (His newly pierced nape pending). When will we learn?

BME is usually the source for our inspiration, and I had emailed the boy a picture of a pair of hip piercings that I thought looked beautiful. Although I am fairly slim as, my stomach is far from washboard flat, and I was aware that I wouldn't be highlighting the best part of my body by sticking a few bars in my tummy. Despite his love for Mars milkshakes, and an intake of a generally rubbish diet, the boy's abs are delicious and are perfect for these mods. I didn't even get chance to ask him what he thought about them on him or me, he had already fallen in love with the idea of having them by the time we saw each other. So what was I to be adorned with upon our next visit to the piercer's?

In the 'We met through BME' section (which, incidently, is also the reason I met this guy), there are some super cute couples who are made even more adorable by the matching or 'twice-as-nice' mods. My eye was caught by a pretty lady with a well-healed sternum piercing with flat screw on balls. I had never been much of a fan of this piercing until I saw hers. I'm all for boobs of any size and shape, but I had only ever seen this mod on girls with plenty up there to show off. Mine aren't fried eggs, but they are no jubbly melons – but this girl was about the same size as me, and it looked even better when it wasn't hidden between two, er, jubbly melons. Also, the placement was quite high, and with that my mind was made up.

I read a few experiences, and knew the risk I was running with scars and rejection. The piercer that we went to had little practice with surface piercings, and we became two portfolio examples that day too. I must stress here that if you are worried that a person isn't experienced enough to do your piercing, go somewhere else. However, I was confident that this girl knew what she was doing and I wanted to help her develop as a piercer. I was also willing to try and give healing the PTFE staple-shaped bar a go, as my nape healed with the same jewellery.

As for the feeling and the pain of the piercing, it was quite a sharp and drawn out experience – it hurt more than I'd imagined, but being a little tough-nut, I can proudly say I got through it without any tears :D If you are still interested in what happened with the boys hip piercings, then you will now have to search for his experience...a little mystery is always good!

The clamps that the piercer had tried her best to use (my chest was not the easiest of skin to bunch up) had left dark red marks around the piercing that lasted for a few days. My initial jewellery did not have flat balls, but I was keen to swap this at a later date (that was never to come...).

Two weeks after the piercing I returned to the studio to have the bar clipped down as it was done with swelling. By this stage I had already noticed that the redness around the holes was not fading, and that dry skin was creeping up around there too.

I never quite adjusted to having a bar in my chest. Most of work clothes are cut to show it off and this had to be addressed. As it was sunny, in my down-time I'd wear something that would show it off, and I did not really like the attention it got. People would stare at my chest on the street, and I had a few really nasty comments from folk I would expect it from, but then folk who I thought would be more liberal about this kind of thing. I began to feel that I was my piercing, rather than it being a part of me. Finally, it was a pain in the chest (ho ho) during sex, and we can't be having that now, can we?

Three months down the line, and I accepted that my cleavage piercing was never going to heal. Always one for trying new things and generally being a dumbass, I decided to cut the PTFE bar in half, and only wear the top bit of the piercing. As you may be able to figure out, I was taken with all the news and developments on dermal anchors that were springing up on BME. So I can firmly say: don't even bother trying this at home! The piercing had nowhere to drain, as the pocket of skin it was living in was literally a pocket, and would fill up with lymph and lovely stuff until the piercing would nearly slip out. It lasted for about a week until I went to Leeds Festival and it got lost in my sleeping bag somewhere. I didn't notice it was gone until a friend kindly pointed out "Urgh Jo, your chest is oozing!" Sexy...

Referring back to the beginning part of my story, the scar that has been left behind is no longer red and oozy, but still has visibly darker dints. I quite like my chest-shoulders-boobs part of my body, and I do look forward to the scar settling down, which it is slowly. Ultimately though, I know that I will always have a mark, and that mark is intrinsically linked to the boy I share my piercing life with. Is it a test that you are truly in love when you can confidently say that that's fine by you? I'll let you know if I change my stance on that...

So, my sort-of loved, sort-of loathed front furniture floated up to piercing heaven, where it was later joined by two aborted wrist piercings, two anti-eyebrows, a collarbone, a sideburn, a pubic piercing...and those two hips... Like I said, when will we learn?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Korn+girl
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Location: Leeds

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