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Easiest Piercing Ever! My Vertical Surface Tragus!

So, about six months ago I had this AMAZING idea that I could get a surface bar and wear it in my helix instead of keeping a ring in place for my orbital. That way it would still be cool instead of having two separate pieces of jewelry.... For some reason, I hopped onto my favorite online jewelry site, bodyartforms.com, and bought a 5/16" surface bar. Genius idea. I got the bar, and kept messing with my ear and tried to get it in before realizing that my upper ear cartilage is about a 1/4" thick and the rise on the surface bar was 1/8". Great. Now I have this very nice surface bar with no place to put it. I held on to my bar thinking that eventually I'd figure out what I wanted to do with it.

I thought about getting an anti-eyebrow or a fleeting thought about a very small Madison crossed my mind, but after much debate I decided upon a vertical surface tragus. However, I'm a pansy. I not the kind of person that just goes out and gets pierced for the hell of it... I actually think it through. Anyway, I talked to my favorite piercer, Wendi at Lucky Monkey, and she checked out the bar and said we could do it. Now, just having her say that we could do it, doesn't mean I was about to do it instantly. This conversation was back in January-ish...

Five months and various other piercings later, I decided to go back to Wendi and get my new surface piercing. I'd never had a surface piercing before, and let me tell you, had I known before what I know now about them, I'd be covered in surface bars and dermal anchors. One of the main reasons I waited so long to get it done, was the fact that I kept researching all the different methods of doing surface piercings. I decided that I really liked the results and successful outcomes of most punch and taper methods, and was in luck that that's how Wendi does hers. Still though, the idea of a dermal punch on the side of my head was rather terrifying, but I'm a beast, so I can handle it.

Anyway... Since school ended I moved back home for the summer so that I don't have to pay rent and get free food. Wendi, for some reason, didn't move back home with me, and she's the only one I trust dermal punching my face, so I drove an hour and a half plus traffic and construction down to the Lucky Monkey just for her. When I got there, Wendi checked my piercing site to make sure there weren't any nerves or veins in the way that could cause serious complications or any other drama and then we looked at the jewelry. My surface bar (don't worry, it's not some crappy inexperienced self made one, it's Industrial Strength) has 2mm bezel set gem ends on it, which I was worried wouldn't work well as starting jewelry because of the size and if it were to swell as bad as my conch did, it could be lost forever, so I brought an extra collection of balls just in case. Wendi, being crazy smart, decided to sterilize various different ends so that once the jewelry was in, if she felt it needed a different end, she could put it on.

While the jewelry and equipment was being sterilized, Wendi marked my face and cleaned me up with technicare. I really like that stuff a lot more when it isn't in my mouth... Once everything was cleaned, organized and situated, Wendi made me lay down on her piercing table and she set up her sterile field, waited for me to stop being nervous, then went ahead with the punching. I've had 20 piercings in the past, most with needles, and I'm used to a sharp, direct pain when getting pierced... this was nothing like it. Wendi basically(from what it felt like) just push/twisted the punch into my skin, removed it, mopped up the blood, punched the second hole, mopped up the blood. That was the hard part, and it was over... She then grabbed a taper, put it in one hole, and directed it towards the other hole to form a fistula between the holes. She kept the punch in the second hole so that there was a target for the taper to reach, and it was really quite painless. There wasn't much pressure, I was just anticipating it, but it never came. Then the jewelry went in at the end of the taper, and I never felt her screw in the ends. It was a very smooth procedure. I got up and looked in the mirror when Wendi said I was able to, and it looked great! No throbbing or soreness that I'm used to with normal piercings. I would seriously rather get 10 more dermal punched surface piercings that another needle piercing.

I seriously recommend getting dermal punched for surface piercings. Make sure that who ever you go to knows what they are doing and can show you healed piercings they've done. If you are anywhere near Ann Arbor, MI, definitely stop by the Lucky Monkey. Wendi is a spectacularly professional, clean, safe, and friendly piercer.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: IAM%3A+Wendi
Studio: Lucky+Monkey
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+MI

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