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"You're sick!"

I found out that in my country that surface is a rather stranger and rare thing, even the one who pierced me thought so.

I was looking for something special on BME and came over the surface section and there I found the love of my life... A deep chest piercing. I walked in my city trying to find someone that does surface and was lucky enough that one guy at Image have done some few on the neck, but when i came in the store asking for 2 chest piercing a strange face came. Even the other who takes tattoos heard me and wanted to confirm that I was serious.

After a good talk about price, rejection rate and that I went home and was going to wait for next friday, a week later just so i could get the money and some more. I got enough next day but i still said i was going to wait, I went in the next day. When i came he was busy and i had to wait until they almost closed to get an appointment, that was a hard few hours. I talked to some friends and asked them if they wanted to come... everyone laughed and thought I was kidding, I did not and it shocked them.

I came back later and he got a strange look on his face "Is he really going to do it?". The tattoo dude was standing and laughing and calling me sick ( We know each other of course ) he had never seen anyone with that kind of piercing. We started the marking and found a good place for the piercing, about 7cm above the nipples and the marking went rather fast. The jewelry I was going to use is a 20mm long steel barbell and a 45 degrees angel making the 2 barbells head for a point where my soon to come cleavage piercing is going to be.

It was now time for the chair. I sat down and he found everything we needed, when the needles came on the table I started giggling. I wanted to watch but my head was just in the way then, but the needle was close to my skin and he ask me if I was ready, yes I answer and then a huge pain struck my chest and slowly the needle went through, i noticed it when the piercer left for the other needle. There was not one drop of blood on the first one, the second one was also done with no problem.

I was done but needed to sit down 5 minutes, I was dizzy. While I sat down we went through the aftercare and i got a note which said what to do but piercer and the tattoo artist kept on looking at me and the piercings, it was a strange feeling and I know people will think they are freaky, I don't care because Im me and the piercings a part of me and a part of me for a while until they rejects, if Im lucky it will take a while.

A day later the surface above the piercing have become a little red. Taking deep breaths is good to avoid the 2 first days as i was hurrying to work and my chest felt like i going to implode, except that i haven't had any kinds of problem with it... or one of them got too little skin between the holes so the whole barbell is not covered but except that do they look great. The faces of people that have never seen this kind of piercings is also great to look at, looks like they have seen a guy cutting his heart out.

I love them and will recommend them to those who want if you don't mind hear your sick 10 times a day, I have had only 2 person who really loved it except me... I don't care.

The strange part about this is that those piercings are my very first ever ( wonder how my mom is going to react when she finds out about it ). Got a tattoo but that is another thing.

Things you have to watch out for if you get this piercing:

Don't sleep with your girlfriend/boyfriend if they move a lot in sleep.

The belt in the car.

Classmates/workmates who is a moron.

Don't lift anything heavy using your chest as support.

Don't touch it except for when you are cleaning it.

Wash your hands if you really want to mess with it.

Those are just some steps I have noticed for now and there is more, Im sure.

If anyone knows how long time it will take for this to reject and know if I should buy curved barbells please E-mail me, Schantzx@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Glenn+flesj%E5
Studio: Image
Location: Sandnes%2C+Norway

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