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My Cleavage piercing...

 Obviously, I got my cleavage pierced, and how I came about wanting to get that done was I came across a photo on www.myyearbook.com of a female across seas who'd had it done and I absolutely fell in love with it. So I started doing research and came across bmezine.com and was reading people's stories. I read that it supposably took a long time to heal and that it was at times hard to sleep and hard to move around one's arms. My experience wasn't like that at all.

I at first was a little scared to get it done because of some stories I'd read and also my mother didn't approve, she'd actually thought when I asked her, if I could get my clit pierced, (laugh out loud). She was determined I wasn't going to get it pierced as long as I was still living in her house but I told her I'm paying for it with my own money, so I think I have right plus I'm old enough, I won of course, she eventually gave in as always because she knew she couldn't stop me. But when it came time for me to get it, when I'd gotten the money because I didn't have a job and I was told it was 50 bucks, I waited until I got my financial aid, (laugh out loud). I began to get a little nervous and not too sure whether or not I should still get it, and my sister told me not to be a bitch now.

So, middle January, actually the 17th, on a Wednesday, (laugh out loud), kind of sad I remember the actual date and everything but oh well. I'd asked my sister to take me but she wouldn't because it'd been icing and very cold and didn't want to be out, so I asked me cousin, even though I was as sick as a dog. Couldn't eat, didn't eat anything all day, and it hurt to talk but I did it anyways. Me and my cousin went to the tattoo parlor or whatever you call it, and I told them I wanted to get my cleavage pierced. The woman, Ruth, told me to sit down while she got the stuff together. Another guy walked through there and asked me was I nervous, I told him a little. And he got to talking about some piercings he had which got me a little less worried.

She then called me and my cousin back there and shut the door. Had me sit down and show her how high/low I wanted the piercing. She got her needle ready, and the bar, and had me lay down. It was a little upsetting because I couldn't see what was going on. I had her and some other guy hovering over me with my cousin standing in the background like she was the one getting pierced. She told me to take a deep breath and she poked the needle through my skin. I have to tell you, that part didn't hurt at all. What hurt was the fact that I laid there for 2-3 minutes because she couldn't find the exit hole. So now I have some guy with his elbow resting on my chest supposably helping her. I laid there so uncomfortable while she was seriously digging in my chest with a bar! I'm curling my toes, l(laugh out loud), and thinking to myself, "Are you serious?" She finally got it in there and had another hard time putting the ball on.

My recovery though wasn't bad. It was semi-bruised because of the clamps and I did pass out about two-weeks after I got it when I was cleaning it for some apparent reason, and it can get in the way sometimes, especially because I have rather large breasts, so laying down sometimes was a little uncomfortable. And trying to watch it when I'm taking a shower was sometimes painful, too.

But it's now been about three and a half months later and I've had hardly any problems at all. Guess you could say the only real problems I've had with it is when people feel the need to poke it. I swear, that's not cool. I was sitting with a friend at Subway and we were talking about jobs, I told him I think it would be hard for me to get an office job with my piercings, he thought I'd only had two. The monroe and my tongue, I said I have three and pointed down, he's bout the only guy that didn't look down first when he saw me. And the first thing he did was POKE IT! Like it's some sort of balloon that he was trying to pop. Aside from all that, I absolutely love it, and despite the looks I get from old and young people in the stores and restaurants, I don't regret it and wouldn't change it for the world. I'm actually looking into getting a horizontal lip piercing which is basically a surface lip piercing and I can't wait. But if you're a female looking for reassurance like I was when I came to this site, I recommend you go for it. It honest to God, wasn't as painful as it looks, rather a little uncomfortable because you have to remember you have two balls poking out of your chest!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ruth
Studio: Southern+Kulture+Kustom+Tattoos
Location: Waco%2C+Texas

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