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My new microdermals

After many months researching the relatively new microdermal procedures in the UK, I decided to pluck up the courage to call Holier Than Thou in Sheffield, as they are currently one of the few studios to do microdermals in the UK.

I booked an appointment and they explained the risks of a procedure such as this over the phone. On the Monday I travelled to Sheffield, admittedly very scared! I was assured by articles, emails to other people who had microdermals and friends that it wouldn't be a difficult procedure, and my piercer reiterated this when I got to the studio.

First, I chose the heads i wanted on my microdermals (jewels at the mo), and showed the piercer where i wanted them (my sternum) - I couldnt believe how small they are! He then took me upstairs and explained the procedure, assuring me it was going to be an easy procedure, which he strongly believed were better than surface piercings and that the main difficulty would be to successfully line up the microdermals. He also explained that he preferred to use a needle instead of dermal punch as it caused less damage to the area and helped healing, and that he wouldn't use clamps unless absolutely neccessary, which suited me as i was quite worried about the dermal punch, having never had one before.

I spent about 15 minutes asking him questions about them (I admit it was partly because I was very scared of having them done!), such as how he took them out should i need it, how long they took to anchor etc.

After this we spent about 30-45mins lining up the microdermals, and changing the positions. They had to be placed higher up than I originally wanted due to my cleavage causing irritation during healing. Eventually we got them lined up and got on with the procedure.

First, he spent about 10 minutes massaging the tissue as it was being quite stubborn; the skin was tight and there was not enough to grab to be able to pierce. He then decided to re-position the dots further apart due to the skin being so tight and a risk of them falling out.

After this (and lots of reassurance!, he made three incisions, one down and two across to create the pockets for the jewelery in the bottom dot. To say it wasn't painful would be lying! It hurt a lot, it was fiddly as the skin was so tight, and as he did the second one, the first popped out of the hole. However, it's not a pain I have felt with any other piercing or tattoo; it was a very intense pressure.

By the time the second microdermal had been fitted, I was in a lot of pain, bleeding a lot and doubted whether I could do another.The first microdermal had already started swelling and due to having to pinch the skin so much, it was really tender. After 10 mins, I decided I had to go through with it (pain for pleasure and all that!) and he did the 3rd microdermal, positioning it slightly differently where the skin wasn't as tender.

After all that, I looked up and they looked lovely (despite the bleeding and bruising that was already showing!) and thanked my piercer immensely for putting up with my moaning for over an hour, which he told me wasn't as bad as when he had his armpit tattooed, haha!

For those cringing at this story and wanting a microdermal, he did say that they are rarely as diffiuclt as this to implant and that I was just unlucky!

It's been a week now and they're still quite painful; the bruising has gone down but I accidentally caught the top one when i got out of the shower and pulled it out, it's now very sore and not healing as well as the others.

Sleeping is a bit of a problem because they go wonky when I lay on my side and tend to bleed, so I have to be quite careful.

Also, theyre not as flush to the skin as i'd hoped, but i'm massaging them every day and theyre slowly going deeper as the swelling goes down, soaking them in salt water also settles them quite well.

They look excellent, and they get remarks none of my other unusual piercings have! I'm hoping they're gonna settle nicely so I dont keep catching them and i can sleep properly, but i've been told it can take up to three months for them to anchor properly.

I cant thank my piercer enough for being so excellent throughout the whole procedure, I would recommend him to anyone.

Bloody hard procedure, and hurt like no other piercing I've had done has, but was it worth it all?

Oh God yes!

Feel free to email me if you want to ask any questions etc!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ben+%28%3F%29
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Sheffield%2C+UK

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