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My precious Nape Piercing

So, let me start out by telling you about myself. I am 18 years old, and i have always loved the look of piercings. They are something unique that can set you apart from others, and they are a great conversation piece. I have 2 other piercings besides the one I will be talking about, and my ears. I have the lower part of my bellybutton, and a horizontal hood. I have also had my nipples pierced but I took them out because an inexperienced piercer made one crooked. This experience is not with that piercer. I wouldnt trust her again, because she told me the wrong ways to clean them and after about 2 months they still werent settling down.

But now about my experience with my nape piercing. It was one of the best experiences I have had, and I am so glad that I went through with it.

This all started about 5 weeks ago when my boyfriend left for bootcamp for the Army. He isnt into piercings as much as I am, hes more of a tattoo kind of guy. But when he left it gave me a lot more time to this about all of the body modifications that I want to get. I cant get any facial piercings because it will probably interfere with getting a job. So I thought about something that I could hide. first I thought about getting my tongue done, but decided against it when I came up with a better idea. My nape. It was perfect.

After searching BME I began to look more and more at a nape piercing. They are somewhat uncommon, and although it broke my heart that they tend to reject and migrate I decided that it was the one for me. I had worked myself up for about a week before I called the shop that had done my hood piercing. To my utter saddness, my shop didnt do ANY type of surface piercings! It broke my heart because I didnt know of another shop that I was comfortable with. A few days later I decided to get a different piercing at my shop, 2 inner labia piercings (which I am still planning on getting for my next piercings) but I was sick on the day that I had decided to go. I stayed in bed all day thinking about getting a piercing. Its like an itch that you cant scratch until you get someonthing done. I bet many of you know what Im talking about. The totally comtrolling urge to have a needle stuck through you, and end up with a piece of art work on your body.

So I was waiting for my boyfriends parents to come and help me with something, and i decided to call around to see if i could find a good shop that would do my Nape. On my first call I talked to the piercer and decided to go in to talk to him later on in the day. On my way to the shop I got very nervous. More nervousd then I have been for any of my others. When I went in, I felt comfortable automatically. Everyone was really nice, and I was put at ease. He looked at my neck and found that there was one place that I could get it done at. I said ok, and decided to go for it.

He measured and poked and pinched until he knew the right size jewelry for me (yes he used a surface bar). I went into his studio area and he spent about 15 minutes marking me up and making sure it was right. I agreed on the placement and we were ready to do. I layed down on a table and he said that he was going to count to three. one....two...three...and then a pinch. It went in just fine, but hurt A LOT when it came out the other side. He apologized for how long it took and said that I have "really tough skin". one more pinch and the jewelry was in.

he went over after care and said I could come back any time to have him look at it to make sure it is doing ok. I tipped him $20 and I was one my way. That was yesterday afternoon. It was a little uncomfortable for an hour or so, then it was fine. I slept fine nd didnt have any trouble. My only problem is finding a way to soak it. It is very difficult. I have already dropped 2 cups of water all over myself trying. All in all it was a good experience. It wasnt that bad, so i would recommend this piercing to anyone. Just go for it. Now I just have to take care of it and hope it doesnt migrate!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Christan
Studio: Skin+Decor
Location: Fresno%2C+ca

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