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My nape piercing

My older brother got his tongue pierced when I was about 14, and I would pinpoint this as the moment when my fascination with body piercing kicked in. I suppose you could say I was young and impressionable, and the fact that my mam didn't like it certainly helped!

I couldn't wait until I was 18 and could get my first piercing done. The day after my birthday I went and got my tongue done. I think it was because I worked in a supermarket where visible piercings weren't allowed, and also the fact I couldn't think of anywhere else I would like pierced that I never got any work done for almost a year after that. But, as is all too common, I'd caught the bug.

I can't really place the time when I first got the idea of getting my nape pierced. My friend at college had his done, and I had always thought it looked really unusual and pretty. I originally wanted the piercing lower down on my back, at the top of the shoulders but as I found out later this isn't a very practical place to be pierced, with a higher chance of rejection. I thoroughly researched surface piercings before I decided to get mine done, and I would definately recommend that anyone else thinking of getting a piercing should do the same.

Once I had made my mind up to go through with the piercing, I made an appointment over the phone at the Metal Guru studio. This is where I got my tongue and helix pierced before and I knew they were an extremely reputable, clean and friendly studio. Asking my friend to come with me for moral support (apparently a bad idea as he did nothing to calm my nerves!) I went in, sat and filled out the paperwork and waited for Tanya to finish cleaning the piercing room from her last customer (a labret) When I got called through I was really nervous, and didn't know quite what to expect. We fist discussed placement, as I said earlier my original idea had to be changed and the piercing moved to further up the nape. This is because the back is a bending point with a lot of pressure on the skin, and the higher on the neck a piercing is, the less chance it has of rejection. Then I was asked to lie down and rest my face on my hands so my neck was relaxed. Here we go!

Tanya did everything she could to reassure me, and told me that everyone whose nape she has pierced said it was just a slight warm sensation. However, I was slightly dubious, and it turned out I had every reason to be! First she tried to clamp the skin but it wouldn't stay in the clamps. After several attempts she decided to do it freehand instead. I was told to take a deep breath in, and then out again. As I breathed out I felt a massive pain in my neck, lasting a few seconds. However, this was soon over, the jewelry was put on and the bead screwed in. I was then given a mirror and had a look at my brand new piercing. I went back to where my friend was sitting and showed him (even he said it was nice, and he normally doesn't like piercings) before going back into the small room. Because I was getting my hair cut later that day, Tanya put a plaster over the piercing so it wouldn't get caught.

Despite the pain during the actual piercing, there was no soreness or uncomfortable feeling at all during the rest of the day, which was nice. I absolutely love my new piercing, and although I know there is a high chance of rejection I'm going to do everything I can to try and keep it. It will only save me having to go back and get it done again! The experience of a surface piercing is actually something I would like to have again.

Unfortunately I haven't showed my mam it yet. Although I know there isn't much she could do about it now, I am quite scared of her reaction to it. I think I am going to wait a few months to see if the piercing rejects before telling her, because I don't see the point in causing an argument over a piercing that I might not even have in a few months!

I would definately recommend the Metal Guru to anyone wanting to be pierced. All my experiences have been brilliant there. Mark and Tanya are both extremely professional and lovely people who put their customer's well-being and the cleanliness of their studio first.

Although I have told myself that this will be my last piercing, I know I will be back for more!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Tanya
Studio: Metal+Guru
Location: Stockton-on-Tees%2C+UK

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