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My first surface piercing, my Nape

   Yesterday my friend Joy asked me to go with her to get the balls changed on her surface bar, because she felt like they were too heavy and weighing down on her skin. She had just got her clavicle pierced a week before. It'd been a month or so since my last piercing so I decided I'd get something done since we were going to be in the shop anyways. 

I thought about it all day, debating what I wanted to get pierced.  I already have my tongue and Monroe  pierced, so I decided against another facial piercing, seeing as I need to get a job. I've got my nipples and had my navel already.  I liked the way Joy's clavicle piercing looked, and thought it was about time I get a surface piercing. I decided to get my nape pierced. It was something cute, and easy to cover by wearing my hair down. 

That night we drove over to Asylum tattoo and body piercing, and went inside to talk to the piercer Aaron. Aaron had pierced my tongue and Monroe and my nipple, as well as Joy's clavicle so I trusted him to do my first surface piercing. He had an errand to run but promised he'd be ready for me if I came back in a half hour. So he put a surface bar in the autoclave so it'd be ready for me and we left to get coffee. 

We came back about 45 minutes later and went upstairs to the piercing room. Joy decided she wanted to get her nose re-pierced while we were there so he pierced her first, because setting up for my nape would take a lot longer than putting a hoop in joys nose.  Her nose was done quick, now it was my turn. 

He took a look at my neck and decided that the 1 ½ inch surface bar he had planned on using would be way too big for the way my neck is shaped. He told me he was going to put in a ½ bar instead.  So he put that in the autoclave and started measuring and marking where he was going to pierce. 

He tried to place the markings right above my spine, but my spine is crooked in my neck so he just decided to center the bar as best he could. After 10 minutes of  marking and wiping off marks he found the right place for the jewelry. This is the part where I began to get nervous. 

I have a very high pain tolerance, but I always get worked up before I get a piercing. It's almost like I need those butterflies in my stomach  to build up so I don't panic when I feel the needle, because at that point I'm ready for it. 

Aaron wiped off the table and had my lay on my stomach with my head over the edge. This gave him the best angle to get at my neck. He pinched my skin and started to roll it around in between his fingers, loosing up the skin from the muscle tissue. He didn't want to push a needle through a thick chunk of skin, as much as I didn't want to feel that. Apparently my skin is very thick on the back of my neck, he was getting frustrated, and I was getting tired of laying on the table and all the blood rushing to my head.  

After about 5 more minutes, he asked his apprentice to put on a pair of gloves and pinch the skin on my neck so he (Aaron) wouldn't have to let go so he could get the needle ready.  He checked to make sure there was the right amount of skin in between him and the apprentice's fingers and then I felt the needle. 

The pain wasn't what I had expected, I couldn't feel where the needle was, It just felt like a big pinch. A pinch that lasted for almost an entire minute, because he was having trouble pushing through my thick skin. I felt blood dripping down my neck, but I don't think there was as much as I thought. The needle went all the way through, I could feel the needle exiting my skin. That part was over, but now came my least favorite part, putting in the jewelry. No matter what piercing I get, I always think the jewelry hurts the most. 

He threaded the bar through my neck, it hurt a lot less than I anticipated, I figured that I'd feel the angled part of the bar dragging through my skin, but again it only felt like a pinch. He screwed the ball on and cleaned the blood off my neck. I was done. 

I sat up slowly, considering Id been laying with all the blood rushing to my head for 15 minutes at that point. I think we were all a little scared I was going to faint. But I was fine. After a minute the apprentice gave me a hand mirror and I went up to the wall mirror to check out my newest addition. I LOVED it! 

The bar was perfectly straight, and looked great. The smaller bar that he used looked a lot more feminine than the larger bar we originally thought about using.  That night I took a Motrin to cut down on the pain a little, and it helped. It's day 2 and I'm not even sore. Now I just need to make sure I keep up on cleaning it and everything should heal fine. 

My first surface piercing was very successful, and I'm sure this won't be my last.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Asylum+Tattoo+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Kalamazoo%2C+Michigan

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