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For The Love Of The Pain

So a few month ago I wrote a little tidbit about a set of rib surface bars my friend did on me. They ended up in his portfolio and have done extremely well in getting him some more experience, I mean everyone has to start somewhere right. I was very happy to have been his pincushion. Haha.

Anyways, this experience is a bit of an extension on that, we ended up putting two more surface piercings into my ribs, but in a slightly different area. As I said a four step "ladder" on either side of my ribcage would have looked a bit wonky, specially with my rather large tattoos, so we placed these ones a bit upwards and more towards the ribs under my breasts.

Not that I had any trouble at all with the bars he'd put in, but he'd ordered some very beautiful little black titanium bars and some spare internally threaded discs (due to the fact that I happen to lose them all the time) and we switched out the first six with those bars and then marked with little dots as to where I wanted these 2 new bars.

We had to fix it like seven or eight times cause I'm horribly picky. I always forget how uncomfortable the clamps are on surface piercings, or at least on mine, cause it pinched a bit and I had to tell him to fix it so it didn't irritate me as much.

I'm not scared of needles at all, so the fact that I was sitting up a little bit more allowed me to see every little thing he did. The needles always look scarier before they go through your flesh then afterwards. I realized this, but I think it's a little less fear and more realization.

A change of gloves, as usual and he asks me if I'm ready. Of course I am, but as he is my friend we joke around and I say stuff like "I don't know anymore, these new bars make me realize you screwed up the first time" Haha. Once all that stuff is out of the way, he asks one more time if I' ready, and says he'll do it on the breath out.

So I take that breath in and on the way out I can feel the needle go though. With me the pain is more when the actual jewellery gets pushed through, so I told him to let me do the breathing thing while he pushed that through as well. It went through, and this time I didn't flinch like usually happens when I' prepared for pain. He screwed on the discs and cleaned that side up so I could go check it out in the mirror. The placement looked kind of cool and I couldn't wait to see how the entirety of the 8 would look.

I go back to sit down and he moves to the other side of me and makes sure I like it, which I did, and pulls out a new needle, few sets of gloves and the jewellery. He clamped my left side and there wasn't any trouble with that this time, besides the usual uncomfortably, and got the needle and everything ready.

We went through the same beginning steps of a change of gloves (damn rites!) a " you sure you're ready?" and the breath in. On the breath out he pushed it through and grabbed the jewellery right away. He told me to breathe in and out right away and that we would get this through so that it was done.

I've never had an allergic reaction to jewellery before, but had happened to have gotten an itchy ear just before doing this thanks to a CBR that didn't really like me, causing a bit of a chain reaction in a couple more of my CBR's. this was part of the reason I changed out my surface piercings to titanium, I had done it to my ears and surprisingly whatever itchiness and redness was there went away within a couple days and didn't come back.

I really love my surfaces, they look really cool with my tattoo, and I haven't seen any signs of rejection, not just in these, but any of my surface piercings. The only thing about the ones on my ribs is that I' a jogger, I jog every morning and sweat and sports bras don't really coincide well with them, even with the discs due to the bottom band. I managed to find a tank top that has an extra lining in the front to hold the ladies back, and haven't had a problem since.

Here's to future Mods, mine, yours, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Someone has to be the pincushion right?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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