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corset piercings, the new yoga!

Corset piercings have always interested me, I have always wanted one because I have found them visually exciting and I have a deep love for corsets and any other clothes that might have a corset effect on them, for instance some pencil skirts of mine and also a few gothic dresses. I just find there is something very endearing about the look of laced up clothing and I wanted to continue this love affair onto my skin.
On the day I had arranged to be pierced I went shopping for some jewelry. I wanted some kind of surface bars that had captive rings attached so that rejection would be less likely but unfortunately I could not get ten like that so I opted for normal rings which will be replaced by surface bars shortly.
I started off by sterilizing all the jewelry that I had bought by boiling it in water for a while, also adding just a pinch of salt because of it cleansing properties. Set up everything on the bed, the needles, jewelry, prep pads and latex gloves for mike to wear. My boyfriend Mike was given the task of performing the piercing, he started by marking the areas there were to be pierced. I wanted ten placements in total, five down either side to be permanent, but also another ten to be pierced simply with play piercing needles. Next he carefully swabbed around all the areas to be pierced with povidone iodine prep pads. Then he started piercing freehand. Once the hallow needle was put through, Mike would line up the piercing jewelry inside the needle and it would be inserted to the correct position as the needle was pulled back out.
The twenty piercings took more than two hours to complete, it was not a painful piercing to do - each piercing was like a very tight pinch and after the final one was completed there was a slight discomfort from both the piercing and having been bent over in the same position for such a long time! I had asked Mike to let me know before he was going to perform each piercing so I could take a deep breath before, and breathe out slowly as the needle was going through my skin. When all the balls were popped back into the rings Mike cleaned up around the piercing once again with some alcohol swabs.
That night I had to be really careful not to sleep on my back as I did not want to irritate the piercing more that was necessary. The next day I was feeling really stiff so I ran myself a nice bath, afterwards I got Mike to rub in small amounts of triple antibiotic cream around the areas that were really red with a cotton bud.

I do find the piercing to be very itchy and a bit uncomfortable since the rings make it hard to lie down straight in my bed or sit back in a chair. It would have been more intelligent to have waited for the right time when I had the proper jewelry but at the time of the piecing I was feeling a lot of stress worrying about some situations in my life and in the lives of the people close to me. So I was planning a night of ritual piercing to try to relieve that anyway, and decided to do both that night.
After the piercing was done I did feel a lot better, I was on a small high from the piercing and was not the ball of stress I was before. Sometimes when a lot of problems come at once it can be a bit overwhelming mentally and emotionally and I have found piercing like this to be a relief. As if it calms your mind down and lets you step back a bit. In all there were twenty piercings in a corset shape, and ten piercings that stayed.
A few days after my back was done I was able to lace it up just to see how it would look. I really love the look of a laced up corset on my back but the downside of it is that I do wear very strong boned corsets that I lace very tightly when I go out and at the moment because of my piercing I cannot wear these anymore. A small bit ironic I guess. As soon as I saw the black and red ribbon laced down my back I was hooked, and have since decided to do another two. One corset piercing down the back of each leg. Although for my leg corsets I will wait a short while for my back to heal and also to have the correct jewelry.
Other things I did after my piercing experience included staying away from alcohol for the time being and watched that I had a healthy balanced diet , I also take iron and zinc tablets anyway but I know that they will help to keep my immune system up. so i guess you could also say that the corset piercing also gave me the kick i needed to make an improvement in my general health being since i became so adamant that they would heal!
hopefully they will and in the future I can also start thinking about neck corsets!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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