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My first surface piercing.

I have been intrigued with nape surface piercings since the first time I saw one. I was getting my tragus done and a girl at the piercing shop had it done. All I could think about was the anatomy of it and how much it must have hurt! I was only 16 at the time.

Now, 2 years later, I have several more piercings along with a semi-large tattoo. Every time I would get something else done I would want more and more. And every time I got something done all I could think about was getting my nape done. My mom sure as hell wasn't going to sign for it when I was underage, so I decided to wait until I was legal to sign for myself to even think about it anymore. Finally, after having a very pleasant experience getting my nose done by Alysha at Graphic Flesh in Normal, IL I decided to inquire about surface piercings.

I went to the shop a few days prior to the actual procedure. She explained to me that I must be vigilant about saline soaks and coming back into the shop every so often to get it checked out. I told her I would have some more thinking to do and that I would probably be back within the week. This was all on a Monday.

That Thursday I was back, $50 in hand and very nervous. I have had mixed reactions with my piercings in the past. I have gotten light headed and nauseous a few times and definitely thought this one would send me over the edge. When I arrived there were 2 girls ahead of me waiting for help so 2 of my friends and I sat in the lobby to wait. When Alysha was finished, she came out to tell me that everything was ready and that I could come on back.

She had already explained to me everything that was going to happen: marking, massaging, pinching, slowly piercing, and the threading of the jewelry. It took her a good 10 minutes and about 3 different tries to get the back of my neck marked just right. I straddled the massage type chair that she had out and she began to clean my neck. My heart was pounding so fast that I almost chickened out. My friends were too freaked out to even come back and watch. She massaged my neck for a few minutes and then told me she was going to pull my skin up to separate the two layers. I thought I was going to pass out.

All of a sudden I felt this odd pressure at the back of my neck where she had marked me and a tiny prick as she slowly pushed the needle through my skin. I didn't even know she had put the needle in at first. It was when she told me to take another breath in and out and that we were half way through that I realized where the needle actually was. I did feel the exit hole. Alysha, having had 4 surface piercings in the past, had told me that that was the only part she had felt as well.

The needle was through and I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief. I even said out loud, "What the hell? You're done!?" The jewelry felt like an ordinary pinch and nothing more. After Alysha's husband's approval of her work, he snapped a few pictures for their portfolio and I was on my way. I would go through it a hundred more times before getting another ear piercing. It was that easy.

I know of the high percentage rates of rejection and my piercer even told me that the higher up the piercing, the higher rate of rejection. I don't care. If it rejects, I will be more than willing to go back and get another. And the second time definitely a longer one. I'm so proud of myself for getting through it. I highly recommend these piercings. It was the easiest one I've ever been through, and all of my others being on my ears except for my nose.

I don't think I would ever get anything other than a surface piercing from now on. I look at my neck everyday in the mirror and fall back in love with it all over again. So far, no real troubles with it. I was able to lay on it the night I got it done. I rarely feel it in my neck, only sometimes when I forget it's there and I reach back to mess with my hair. The entrance and exit holes are a little sore but with experience with babying piercings before, I'm somewhat used to it. I am able to feel the tygon beneath my skin on occasion and I've been told that's pretty normal. My piercings and tattoo make me more confident of myself and with this new addition I feel fantastic. My friends, who before thought I was crazy for even wanting my nape pierced, are even looking into surface piercings now that they have seen how fulfilling this has made me feel. I am finally satisfied with my metal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Alysha
Studio: Graphic+Flesh
Location: Normal%2C+IL

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