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A Straight Successful Surface Piercing......


On holiday in Canada last summer I saw a woman with two vertical nape piercings and thought they looked really cool. I already had a few myself but was looking to have something new and a bit different. When I told my friends they all said I was crazy and that I wouldn't do it, then the idea kind of fizzled out.

The Piercing

Until one day in August, about a week before I went back to college, I remembered my idea and decided to just do it. I had had all my piercings done by a guy called Kevin at the Mantra 2, he's a really good piercer and I trust him totally so it was natural to go to him.

I turned up and asked for him to pierce my "neck", he laughed and asked if I meant my nape. He gave me the all important forms to sign and within ten minutes I was sitting in the chair. He got out his purple pen and dotted my neck, when he asked if they were positioned ok I realised that he had made two horizontal dots. Remembering the woman who had given me the idea I mentioned what I had seen. He told me that he preferred to pierce that way, that it was better for the piercing, and I took his word for it.

He took a few minutes to prepare the needle and then asked me to hold my hair out of the way. Within thirty seconds the deed was done and he was screwing the jewellery in and covering it with a gauze. My bar is straight (which I will come to later) of about an inch long with screw balls on the ends.

Kevin told me how to clean it, a table spoon of sea salt in water and sent me on my way. After leaving I went shopping and started to think about what I had done, I started to slightly regret it although this only lasted for a few hours.

The only way I can describe how it felt was a real sting and slight uncomfort as the jewellery was put in. Then came a real buzz, your heart beats double time, your arms feel as if they don't belong to you and your blood runs cold. The buzz is one of the main reasons I get piercings.

When I got home I took off the gauze and saw it was swollen. This lasted for a few days and then the skin around the balls became red. I carried on cleaning it but was slightly freaked out by the redness. This is the point that I discovered BME, I was looking on the interned for aftercare tips and just what to expect. I saw lots of pictures of other nape and surface piercings and read of rejections. Many of the peoples stories and other websites I saw said that they only way to keep a surface from rejecting was to have a curved or staple bar. I had neither of these and started to panic that I had made a terrible mistake.

About a week later it started to smell, however I have some cartilage piercings and know that this is kind of disgustingly normal. I was around that time shopping in Camden when I went into a studio there, a woman saw my bar was straight and said it shouldn't have been done and would only last a few more weeks.

At this point I really started to panic and went back to Kev, he said everything was fine with it, there was not sign of rejection and I just needed to relax.

A little later...

I left it a few weeks, carrying on cleaning and it slowly got better. It is now five months later and the piercing is looking really good. The straight bar has not caused me any problems what so ever. There have been some usual problems however. At one time I noticed that it felt tight and as if the screw had treaded. At this time I hadn't taken it out. Luckily I have a friend that isn't grossed out by things like that. She unscrewed it and as I pulled it out I saw that a hair was wrapped round it congealed with puss, it was disgusting!!

I know that my piercing isn't forever, it looks really good at the moment and im really pleased that I had it done. Im looking to have my wrist done soon, I just think that that would be prone to a lot more bumps and knocks. However I would advise someone thinking looking to have a surface piercing to make sure they really want it. I think that when I do decide to take the bar out I will have two marks which may well be permanent.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kev
Studio: Mantra+2
Location: West+Drayton

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