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The joy of impulse

I had always wanted my nape pierced but I never thought I'd have the guts to do it. I find them very sexy and they can be easy to hide. One of my friend randomly got hers done and I started wanting it done very badly. I started getting that piercing itch and I had gotten money early for Christmas. I started debating what I'd want to get done. I was thinking of going with my third lobes but I decided against it. If I got my lobes done it would have been about $80 and I figured if I was going to spend that much money, I might as well get what I really wanted. I decided I was going to get my nape pierced. I got my friend Sarah and we went up to Northampton. I got money out of the bank and headed over to Lucky's.I had been pierced by Penelope before so I already knew she was awesome. I signed the consent forms and paid $73 dollars. The lady behind the counter showed me a few different surface bars and I chose one of the longer ones. I just like how they look better. One thing I had noticed was Lucky's choice in surface bars. The surface bar was by Anatometal which is known for making good jewelry. The length was about an inch and the gauge was 14. The surface bars Lucky's uses don't have the standard circular bead head. The top of the surface bar is flat so it is less likely to catch on clothing, hair, etc.I thought this was really awesome and I believe it has helped me with the healing. Penelope squeezed my neck as to see if I had enough "squish" =p and then Penelope, her apprentice, my friend and I went to her piercing room. I sat in a little chair and she massaged the area. She explained that this helped skin cells and such. By this point I wasn't the most attentive as the massaging part kind of hurt. I was getting nervous that this would hurt a lot. Penelope explained the procedure and such. I put my hair up with a rubber band and was quite anxious. I had to take off the necklace I normally wear and then Penelope cleaned the area. I held my friends hand and she put the clamps on me. I was really zoning out at this point and the clamps really hurt. I was a bit of a fool and I was hoping that was the needle going through, but sadly she informed me it was not. I continued to hold my friends hand and talk to her. Finally, Penelope pierced me. I let out of a few profanities and she put in the jewelry. That probably was the most painful part. I ended up squeezing my friends hand really tightly and my nail cut her. I felt horrible about it. Oddly enough, watching me get pierced has started to inspire her about piercings of her own. I tipped her as much as I had at the time. I was feeling really woozy so I let my friend drive us home. Penelope advised that it would be best to keep my hair up as much as possible. I put my hair up until I got home. One of the good things about a nape piercing is that with medium to long length hair, they are easy to hide. My father would die if he saw my nape pierced, as I promised to not get anything else done, so I made sure to put my hair down as soon as we pulled in my driveway.
I ran up to my mom and showed her. She blinked and was like "Oh My God." She was a bit irritated because I didn't tell her first and she wasn't expecting it, but she has grown to like it. So far it hasn't been a problem to heal. I've been loading up on vitamins, changing pillow cases, using H2Ocean (that stuff is seriously amazing); etc.I'm hoping it continues to heal well, as I am normally a horrible healer. So far though, it's looking beautiful. As much as it did hurt, it wasn't nearly as bad as some of the ear piercings I have. It was probably my third most painful piercing out of eight. Honestly, don't let the pain factor discourage you, it is definitely worth it. For the first few days, I woke up with blood on my pillow case. My nape was a bit inflamed but after a few Advil it was fine. It now looks fairly pink. I've hit it a few times and it has gotten caught on my hair but it hasn't drastically affected it. I noticed one trick that makes my piercing feel awesome is when warm water speaks it while I shower. It makes my nape feel awesome and it also removed crusties, which is definitely a plus. I was worried it would be a waste of money because surface piercings have a lower healing rate, but it was honestly worth it. It is definitely one of my favorites. I have a lot more piercings I want to get done. If my nape ends up healing up fine, I think due to Penelope's amazing job, I may get more surface piercings.Either way, I know I'm definitely going to go to Lucky's again in the future.:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Penelope%3C3
Studio: Luckys
Location: Northampton%2CMa

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