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My hand webbing

The first time I saw a picture of hand webbing I fell in love with it and really wanted it done. I read up a lot on it... most via BME. I didn't know anyone else who had ever had a hand piercing. After reading up a bit on it I finally decided to go and get it done even though there is a high rejection rate. Because I didn't have a job, it wouldn't really be a huge issue.

I use 2 different piercers due to the fact the one I usually go to doesn't do many surface piercings whereas GPS (Glasgow Piercing Studio) does most.

I was 17 when I went to get it done. I went in one day after college with a friend in February 06. I was quite calm because I've had quite a few piercings before hand and this was my 2nd surface (had my nape done) although this was a more open area. I had to wait for about 15mins and then she called me in. I had spoken to the piercer about it before and she asked me if I had any questions... I asked a few just to confirm things a put myself a bit more at ease and then se told me to come round to the back after I had signed the form. I signed it and headed round. The room always looks very clean; she had a little surgery trolley set up. GPS use a sort of numbing spray which I know is meant to prolong healing but I respect their choice.

I decided to get my left hand done because I am right handed and I thought it would be easier if for my left hand to be out of use rather than my right.

She marked a spot and checked it with me. It was good. And the she numbed it... I was a little shaky because the thing with your hand is it's right in front of you and their is no easy way to get away from seeing the piercer do it, especially when there are windows at each end of the room.

After it was numbed she pushed the needle in and I couldn't feel it, she then replaced it with a curved bar. She then patched it up with a large white dressing. She asked me if I was ok and wanted a glass of water, which I took. Apparently I looked really white. I felt a little shaken up but was ok. And told me to take it off the next day and soak it in salt water twice a day and if I had any problems then to just to pop in. It cost me £28, which is pretty damn good for a surface piercing.

Afterwards I and my friend went for something to eat, and I was fine.

The first day the piercing was quite sore and swollen but I expected this as it's what happens with most piercings. But over the next few days my hand started to swell up more and the pain was awful, I was unable to use my hand... the only time it felt ok was when I was soaking it in warm salt water. I went back in and she replaced it with a PTFE bar to give way for the swelling. The PTFE bar was pretty large which was good to begin with but it got to a point where I felt like I was dragging dirt in and out of it. The piercing calmed down after a few days with the PTFE bar being in... Sometimes it got a bit pussy but it was all part of having the piercing.

I got the bar shortened to a curved barbell after a while and the piercing lasted me around 7months, before I retired it because it was starting to push out.

The piercing was worth every penny and the pain I went through in the first week. I loved it a lot! I don't have much of a scar to show where it was as much as I really wanted to have one; there is just an extra line where it was.

I would most certainly get this piercing again. It was great to see the look on people's faces when I was paying for something and they saw a bit of metal in my hand and wondered what it was. I would recommend this piercing to people who have either had previous piercings and know about the after care of a piercing or people who have researched it a lot, as the piercing needs to be taken care of more so than most. This is because your hand touches a hell of a lot of dirt. I didn't want to baby my piercing too much but I wanted to protect it from rejection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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