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My awesome new clavicles- pain, blood, and infection free!

Hi, I'm "Not Shannon", and for the past couple months I've been convinced that I have wanted a second piercing. After stretching my ears in January and getting my belly done in August, the need for more mod has taken over. At first I was thinking about a tongue or septum, but after much conversation with my boyfriend we decided that it wouldn't be in either of our best interests. I wanted something neat, something unusual, and something that would make a statement without being too obvious if I needed to be "respectable". Upon seeing clavicles, I fell completely in love.
For the longest time I thought I was going to go to Lower East Side in Scarborough, Ontario. I'd been there before and knew that the piercer (who did my belly and was a total sweetheart) had a decade and half of experience. They're a clean, well priced shop, they offered to make me custom jewelry, and I'd heard everywhere else was a complete waste of time. Unfortunately, no one would go with me and I was becoming impatient. So I decided on Longhorn in Oshawa, Ontario instead. This was a considerable risk, in my mind, because all I'd ever heard about Longhorn was incredibly sketchy. 'Girls only go to Longhorn because there are hot guys'. 'Everyone who gets stuff done at Longhorn is hospitalized!'
When I walked in, the first comment was exactly what I saw: A whole bunch of white trash girls crowded around a heavily mod'd stud. HOWEVER, after I actually sat down in their cozy leather couches and took a look around, it seemed as if maybe this place wouldn't be so bad after all. I talked to John, my (admittedly incredibly smokin', read above) piercer, and we agreed on $150 for the pair. I filled out a long form about my age and name- essentially signing away all of the shops liability if I should for some reason want to sue- and looked through their multiple tattoo books as I waited my turn. He took me into the back- past a shirtless guy getting a back-piece right out in the open- and was nice, laid back and funny. I asked him if I needed to take my shirt off, embarrassed, and was relieved when he said no. We talked about his own mods and experience as he put on the dots.. and then fixed the uneven dots so we both thought they looked right.. and then went out for a smoke as the autoclave did its thing. Fast-forward five minutes and I've paid and laid down awkwardly in the back rooms chair. Up until this point I was pretty collected, but now that I was actually about to be stabbed the "freak-out" factor within me was growing exponentially. Bringing my boyfriend in beside me didn't help much, but I tried really hard to keep it cool and sit tight. John told me to take a deep breathe in and I did, and then exhaled slowly, biting my knuckles as the needle slid through my flesh. Surprisingly it didn't hurt half as much as I'd expected-- the majority of the discomfort came from the weird movement and sensations below my skin.
He did the other one in the same manner- talking to me calmly and putting the needle through as I exhaled (the second time I could feel the skin rip- EW!), and then taking the white plastic rods through my chest so the metal balls could be attached. After the second piercing I was so excited that I actually sat up before he was finished and needed to lay back down, bright red. He gave me the 'ok' and I got up and looked at the beautifully done piercings with a huge smile. He took my picture for the shops website, saying it would be online if they ever got around to updating. I thanked him a million times before leaving. I think we were both impressed with the result.
It's been about a week now and they're healing incredibly. There is less than half as much pain as there was with my belly ring, virtually no puss and infection, and the comments are hugely amusing.
"How do they stay there?!"
"What does your mother say?!" "What the hell, are you fucking insane?!"

I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants something they won't come across on a daily basis.. and if you're in the GTA, I promise Longhorn is a great shop to consider. The only thing I can recommend is that if you're driving, be sure to cover the piercing or change the way you wear the seatbelt. It's pulled the wrong way far too many times already, and I can tell you that when these do hurt.. they fucking hurt ALOT.

The shop: 12 Centre Street N.
905.571.7033 Longhorntattoos.com

Me with my babies!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Longhorn
Location: Oshawa%2C+Ontario

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