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Microdermal Mayhem

I remember the day I decided microdermals had a place on my body. I couldn't resist these little pieces of jewellery; so inventive in placement and so versatile. With hundreds of ends I could attach I had no trouble imagining how I could make mine unique.

The day finally came. I chose to have three placed vertically on my sternum. JesseV carefully measured and marked for placement. Then while I lay comfortably he used a 1.5mm dermal punch to create the hole, and then made a pocket for the jewellery. Holding the skin between his fingers the jewellery popped right in. Two more rounds of this and I was in love!

After about six weeks of enjoying my beautiful sternum microdermals the day had quickly come to say good bye. By the fourth week my microdermals had began to lean forward and the heel migrating outward. This could have happened for a number of reasons. Maybe the foot should have been pointed upward. Maybe the disk was too heavy. Maybe my boobs pulled the skin etc, etc. We may never know. What I am sure of though is that those little suckers anchor really, really well.

I had expected the microdermals to be secured under the skin and assumed the use of the scalpel would have been necessary. I felt cool and prepared. Jesse made a little nick with the scalpel on the migrating heel on each of the jewellery. He then secured hemostats on the disk and gently tried to move it, hoping the tissue would loosen enough to remove the jewellery. By the stings I felt running through my breasts I had assumed it wasn't budging. There was no way they would have come out by just massaging the tissue. Jesse went on to cut the scar tissue away from each microdermal with care and precision one by one.

Jesse needed to pull the microdermal back enough to carefully get the scalpel to the scar tissue trying to minimize the wound area as much as possible. I felt the skin adhered to the jewellery as if it were attached to my navel. The stinging I had previously felt running through my breast had started feeling like a fire surging through them. I felt compelled to hold my breasts with a firm grip in hopes that the pressure would stop the pain and I could relax the rest of my body for the procedure.

Every nick of the scalpel felt like tiny bee stings and was followed then by another small pull of the microdermal. The more the jewellery was cut away from the scar tissue the more it hurt, paired by the feeling that I was one step closer to relief. Jesse was very good at guiding me through and keeping me informed. He would say. "I'm past the first hole and working on the second." And I could tell by the tension the skin held on to the jewellery he was telling me the process exactly. When Jesse stood up with the microdermal all I could do was let out a deep breath. It was very difficult to sit through this and I had two more microdermals to go.

The second microdermal had migrated the worst of the three, so it looked easier, but my chest was getting tender. Jesse again secured the hemostats and at that point it was already quite painful. Breasts in hand, knuckles white I let Jesse continue. He again walked me through the cutting and loosening of the tissue in efforts to release the second microdermal. My breathing became less tolerant of the pain and my legs started wanting to wiggle. The scar tissue had a firm grip on this one. After cutting the tissue from the jewellery Jesse had to use the scalpel to peel it away from the end to release it. Last one to do now.

Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I'm not afraid to admit it. It was a combination of the pain and being afraid of feeling it more. The last one had migrated the least of all three and looked most secure. "I'm going to do this quick." Jesse warned me and I nodded in approval. Again he secured the hemostats and once again I secured my breasts. At least Jesse and I were still able to joke during the procedure. I would curse at him, he would remind me that he has a blade in my chest. You can't do something like this without some light humor.

The last one out! I have never been so relieved. I let my arms rest and Jesse very, very gently cleaned my chest. After a few moments I stood up and felt utterly exhausted. My legs felt weak, but in a way I felt a little bit tougher. I have done many things to my body from the body art and the aesthetic industry that have made me nervous and have been painful. I have surprised many practitioners of my ability to stay calm and tolerate the pain. Never have I gone through anything quite like this. I can honestly say during the removal process I became more nervous and scared, and felt more pain than anything else in my memory.

My chest remained quite sore afterward. The bandage, my sweater, even exposure to the air made it sting. I woke up during the night several times when I would role onto my side and my boobs would press together.

I would advise people to really be aware of the nature of microdermals. How they are implanted and removed. I would hope that they would find an experienced modification artist who was familiar with both ends of the process. I thought I was prepared for the whole package, but you never know what to expect. Whatever idea that might have been in your mind is never actually the way things go. Would I do it again? Yes.


submitted by: Solace-1
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Jesse+Villemaire
Studio: Thrive+Studios
Location: Cambridge%2C+ON%2C+Canada

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