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Has your necklace broken?

I suppose this piercing was a spur of the moment thing, I had looked at pictures of this piercing before and thought "wow that's pretty" but nothing serious.

Last night I got that itch, the one of wanting something more, I had been debating whether to get my ears pierced again on Friday but my heart wasn't totally into it.

I scanned BME pictures like a deranged woman, on the search of something I did not know, but it had to be unique. After my corset I couldn't go back to a normal piercing.

So I turned up on Friday at Beorc and the place was packed! I was panicking slightly because I only had half hour dinner break and I knew I needed to get anaesthetic on and give that 20 minutes to kick in, after hanging around for 5 minutes I thought well I may as well go get my dinner and come back and hopefully get my anaesthetic on.

I got back to the shop 10 minutes later and managed to dash up stairs quickly to Scott, explained what I wanted and got the anaesthetic applied.

Fast forward 15 minutes and I was making my way back to Beorc after having phoned work and explaining that I was stuck in the bank, thankfully they believed me!

Once upstairs in Beorc I again explained to Scott in more detail of what I wanted, he thought for a moment or two and then got out his piercing pen and began making marks on my collarbones.

He got me to check this out in the mirror and I was extremely happy that he managed to understand what I wanted although this was again a first for him!

Now came the hard bit, figuring out how to clamp the skin! Scott again moaned that I don't have stretchy skin but after lots of pulling and squeezing managed to clamp my right collarbone.

After a few breaths he pushed the needle through and I didn't feel a thing! I think my exact words were "no way? I didn't feel it!" Scott just laughed at me and asked me to go look in the mirror. There was very little blood but about a centimetre and a half of PTFE poking out each side of the holes, Scott explained that this was to allow for swelling and said he would cut it down once they have healed a little bit and because "The balls are a bitch to thread on and I'm not fannying about with it now". Bless him.

I quickly jumped back on the bed and Scott asked me to move my head so my left collarbone was in the light and he could see his markings and as quick as a blink he was fiddling and trying to put the ball on the PTFE. This one hurt slightly more but I've realised now that second piercings are always more painful.

After another look in the mirror and claiming my undying love for them I ran downstairs and shot off back to work.

I went back to work, apologised for being late and carried on with my day, a little while later, Viki, a girl I work with, came back from her lunch and I showed her my beautiful new piercings, she gazed in adoration at them! And couldn't believe I'd just got it done in my lunch break! After a general conversation of piercings and how we would love to try suspension but not in England it was time to go home. YAY!

I ran back into Beorc because I was going out that night and wanted some ribbon putting through my corset, Scott had a quick look at my collar bones and said how he loved them, threaded my ribbon and off I went to job number 2.

The next day or so went okay, I managed to sleep on my side comfortably and move around as normal. Obviously they were a little scabby but the majority of that gunk came off in the shower. It was awkward trying not to get shampoo or shower gel on them and I did get a little bit of hair wrapped around them but nothing too exciting!

I've now had them in for almost three weeks and the PTFE has been trimmed down twice since and they are healing beautifully! Both are still rather pinkish and a little scabby where I've caught the PTFE before its been trimmed down but I hardly notice they're there now unless I hit one of them.

Today at work, a woman asked if I'd broken my necklace and when I explained they were piercings her face went the strangest pale green colour. Each to their own I guess.

Yesterday Scott mentioned we could perhaps change the PTFE to staple bars but I'm unsure of this, as they're really hard to put in.

Hopefully these piercings will be with me for a long time to come.


submitted by: smoochy_lou
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Scott
Studio: Beorc
Location: Grimsby+UK

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