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My wrist piercing trip.

Ok, well about one year ago on new years eve I was with a friend who was getting her eyebrow pierced. I didn't intend to get anything pierced when I went in but while inside I cracked and decided I finally wanted to get my wrist pierced. I'd been reading about surface piercings for a while and decided that I wanted to do something original and unique. I started talking to the piercer who began to explain to me that it would most likely not heal. She told me that it would not be permanent but if I really wanted it, and understood that it would only be for a few months than go for it. I had been pierced by her several times before so I trusted her and I went for it.

I sat down on the table and she cleaned off the area, and poked at my arm, and marked out where the needle would go in and out. She clamped my arm so that the needle would go straight through, told me to take a deep breath and shoved it through. It didn't hurt much worse than my cartilage but it was a bit skeevy because I could feel her struggle as the needle pushed through each layer of skin. The feeling I got when getting it done was pretty intense like no other piercing I've had before or since. It bled a tiny bit but not much at all. It wasn't worse than my friends eyebrow.    The first chance I got I showed it off to all my friends who all told me I was crazy and asked if I was drunk (I wasn't). My mom absolutely hated it and my father wouldn't even acknowledge that it existed. It was extremely odd to look at a piece or metal sticking out of my skin. The healing wasn't too bad, after about 4 weeks it didn't hurt so bad but I still cleaned it twice a day. I never realized before how many times in a day you bump your wrist. I was constantly forgetting it was there and reaching in my pocket or pulling on a jacket and Ouch! A lot of people would forget it was there and grab my arm or bump into me. I had friends that were way too grossed out to even touch it and some that loved to play with it. Some people asked what the point of it was and I asked them what the point of any piercing was.

Unfortunately I had to take it out after only a few months because I couldn't get my gloves on when I went snowboarding! I was heartbroken but I couldn't miss out on snowboarding after I traveled several hundred miles to get there. After snowboarding season ended I went back and had it done again. The second time it bled worse and hurt more than the first time. Not too bad though, I was still able to go out for dinner right after with a paper towel wrapped around my arm. Of coarse I still got tons of comments at work and school, but that was half of the fun. I eventually ended up losing one of the balls so I had it changed to a smaller bar with discs instead of balls. After changing it I lost both of the discs and my arm began to swell (probably from getting banged around too much). So I took it out and washed it good.

I still have two scars where it used to stick out from my arm to remind me it was there. It was definintly my favorite piercing and I miss it a lot. The whole experience was quit unique to me and it really got me in touch with my body. Caring for this piercing was like babysitting though, I had to constantly be conscious of it. Eventually this piercing became part of me (physically and mentally). It had a good run but I don't believe I would get it done again, although I absolutely do not regret doing it (despite all the trouble it caused). It was a lot of fun to do something unique because not many people have done a wrist piercing before and I was the first person I have met that did it.

If anyone else is thinking about doing the same my advice would be to think carefully about it. It will leave a scar and it will NOT be permanent. It is not for everyone, surface piercings require a lot of care and dedication. Especially in such a vulnerable area like the wrist. Also, be prepared to get a lot of comments from people. I got both positive and negative comments all the time at work and while in public. The famous question was "didn't it hurt?" to which my reply was "what do you think?" Negative people didn't bother me because I had it done for me, so I don't care what they think about it or me. If anyone has any questions or comments, don't hesitate to e-mail me, I love to talk about piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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