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my gorgeous wrist piercing

For a few months I have been contemplating a wrist piercing. At first I wanted two on my left wrist, then I wanted one on each wrist and then I wanted just one on my left wrist. After constantly changing my mind over and over, I decided that I should get one on the left wrist and if I want to, I will get another one later.

I woke up at 7 that morning, hungry and excited. I made myself some breakfast and showered (My mum thought I was going to be at school so I had to leave the house at the usual time). I was out of the house an hour and a half later (Perfection takes time =p) and made my way to the train station. The half hour walk, in 31 degree weather, got me a bit sweaty and annoyed. I just wanted to be at the studio as soon as I could. After about 15 minutes of waiting at the station I boarded my train and was on my way to see my piercer.

Once I got there it was even hotter and I started to regret wearing tight jeans. I walked into the shop and waited for my piercer to arrive (I was a bit early). When he got to the shop I was comfortable on their sofa, playing racing games on my phone. I wasn't nervous at all, we had a little chat and I told him what I wanted, and then we chose the jewellery.

I made my way to the back piercing room that I knew so well and sat on the dentist-like chair. After he took a look at a few of my other angry piercings, he asked where and how I wanted the new wrist piercing to be placed. I told him horizontally and just below the wrist bone. Finally, I was marked up and ready to go! He clamped my wrist (I hate clamps, you'll notice I'll say this in every experience because I really do hate them), then he took out a new needle and started to push it through. Watching the needle pass through my skin is my favourite part of the procedure. I can feel and see the needle slowly pierce every layer of my skin and I love it!

The new needles my piercer was using weren't the usual ones he worked with so he had a spot of trouble with them. The needle was pushed all the way through, pulled back a bit, because it was a bit too far out, and then pushed out again. I was very shocked at this because he is usually very precise. The exit hole was a millimetre behind where we marked it but the piercing wasn't slanted or crooked so it was all good.

He then took out the needle and cut the cannula. The bar slid in easily but he couldn't manage to screw on the bead. He attempted this many times with other balls but it still wouldn't work. We figured there must have been something wrong with the bar and had to push the cannula back through and get another bar. Pushing the cannula back in was incredibly painful, my new piercing was obviously still very sensitive and sore. This piercing bled a bit, which was strange for me because I never bleed, but once the new bar was in, I was full of adrenaline and had a huge smile on my face.

I stayed around to watch a few other people get pierced and talked to the staff. As I was talking to the other piercers I bumped my arm against a metal cabinet (this hurt!) and got laughed at, they had a look at it and cleaned up the blood. After an hour of hanging around, I paid for my piercing and went home.

The clamp marks lasted a few days but there was no bruising. I'm very happy about this piercing, although it was a bit traumatic. Since then I have had my other wrist pierced and they are both healing fine, although I did snag my newest wrist piercing on a chair (I was swinging on the chair and then fell off. Stupid, I know). The bar was pulled and there was a bit of blood but they're both coming along nicely. I also spoke to my piercer and he is no longer ordering from the company that sent him the dud bar. He found that four or five of the bars they sent him (out of 50) had screwed up threads.

I haven't had many compliments about the shiny bits on my wrists, most people go "Ewww! That's gross!" But this is probably because I work with a lot of primary school students and teachers (I mentor kids in art). My boyfriend isn't a big fan of them either because they snag on everything (his pants, hair, pockets, belt etc. etc.). I also found that when I take off shirts, jumpers, bras, singlets etc. I have to be extremely careful so that they don't get caught. This is a bit annoying but I still love my wrist piercings. They look gorgeous and the tenderness has gone away so they don't hurt too much when they get caught on things

Happy stabbings all!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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