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Failed D.I.Y hand-web

Ok, basically I'm a 14 year old piercing addict. I have 5 lobes, 1 stretched to 10mm (and getting bigger) and 1 cartilage. All but 2 were done behind my parent's backs because they are totally against piercings ( yay...=[ ). I want ALOT more, but I have to live with just 6 until I'm 16.

Last week, due to complete and utter boredness, I shoved some giant safety pins through my arm. I had some fun twisting them about and putting earrings in the holes. When I showed my best mate the scars the next day, she said why don't I make them into actual piercings. That gave me something to think about.

Two days later, while trailing through BME for about the millionth time, I once again got the itch for a piercing. Seeing as no-one will pierce me for 2 years unless I get parental consent (which is so not going to happen), I have no choice but to wait. Its killing me because I am a VERY impatient person and want my piercings so bad. Anyway, last week I got fed up of waiting and that night, after shouting at my friends on MSN about the injustice of it all, decided to pierce something myself.

I've done one D.I.Y before: the second hole in my left ear. That went fine and healed perfectly, but lobes are easy anyway. I decided on my mate's idea and piercing my arm properly (stupid, I know). I knew I would probably have to take it out after a week or two but that didn't stop me. I found my little plastic bag of barbells and tunnels for my ear and looked through for a suitable barbell. My face fell. I couldn't find the one I was looking for, and I really didn't want to use a crappy one. I looked again and picked out a small curved barbell that I bought months ago but didn't use. My eyes lit up. It would look amazing in my hand-web. So the arm piercing idea went out the window and I got all my things ready to pierce my hand.

I knocked some ice out of the freezer and went back upstairs. I pressed the ice to my hand web, until it was considerably numb. Ok, I had my barbell and my giant safety pin. I didn't sterilize anything, which was really stupid. But I didn't have anything to do it with and like I said I'm impatient and I wanted my piercing now!

I put the pin on my web, where I was going to pierce and started to push. I went really slow. Once the needle was past the first layer of skin, I couldn't feel anything ( ice is good, hehe =] ). I sped up a bit and soon I could see the tip coming out the other side, only it wasn't where I'd envisioned. I'd pierced way deeper than I thought and didn't know whether my barbell would fit or not :/. So, I left the safety pin in for a few minutes. And then it hit me. I had a safety pin through my hand!!!!! :] :] :]

I took out the pin and after a bit of painful wiggling, I replaced it with the barbell. The barbell was too short to come out the other side of my hand! After a few minutes of swearing profusely, I tried again . I spent at least 2 hours trying to get it through, while on the phone to my mates, who all thought I was mental for doing it in the first place. I tried different barbells, I tried making the one end larger with a big earring, but neither worked. So I ended up with a pissed off hole through my hand and nothing to put in it. I had spent about 3 hours on this thing and I wasn't gonna give up yet. So I put the safety pin back in, in the desperate hope that it would stretch by morning, and went to bed. It woke me up alot in the night. Very annoying.

Woke up. Hadn't done a thing. I decided there was no point keeping the pin in, because my mum would only see it and start crying or something. So I took it out. I was very pissed off about it. When I showed the hole to my friends, most of them agreed I was clinically insane. YAY! :(

Where I spent all that time twisting the barbell around the one hole, it was very red and swollen. I didn't want to get an infection and have my mum find out, so I did a sea salt soak which made it much less red.

I think D.I.Y piercings are great and I'm gonna redo my hand-web when it's healed. When I'm legal I won't need to do em anymore. So if you're 16, just go to a professional. Much less hassle. Plus if you do do a D.I.Y piercing, make sure you sterilize everything. I was stupid not to and my hand could have easily got infected. And be REALLY careful, because you could seriously damage yourself if you get it wrong.

Happy piercing people!!! =]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: Wales%2C+UK

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