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A certificate on the wall dosen't mean you can do surface piercings well.

The main entrance was filled with the musky smoke of incense, the tiny bells of welcome chimed as the door closed behind me and my friend Mark. I look back to him, my face wrinkled with apprehension. He urged me on through the house and I come to the living room, in dim lighting there sat the self professed Goddess Lakshima, Goddess of what? I don't know for sure, but the most I got out of what Mark explained to me earlier in the week was she was heavily into The Craft of Wiccan denomination. I had come to my friend Mark, for advice on who in the area could do a surface piercing well, as He had his nape done. It was unfortunate news that he did not have his done in the area, which was Columbus, Ohio. Although he said one of his friends pierced and he would take me to her. I agreed, having no reason not to trust his judgement. After we arrive at her house and get down the details of what I wanted done with Lakshima, she leads Mark and I to a room in the rear of the house. It had one chair, an auto-clave, various sprays and liquids for sterilization, photographs of piercings and on the wall next to the door, certification by the OSHA, and the PPA. After I gaze at the photographs for a moment I notice that there is not a single one of a surface piercing, so I turn to Lahshima and ask her if she has ever done one. "Of Course, Plenty" she replies. My worries subdued a bit with that answer and plopped myself down in the chair. She did all the normal piercing procedures, put on gloves, sterilized the skin, and marked the entry holes, etceteras. She then shoved the needle through the skin about two inches below my navel and then put in the jewelry. I looked down to the piercing and was initially pleased, paid her the 30 bucks and went about my way. After arriving home and inspecting the new piercing, I realized it was crooked, very very crooked. With a dissatisfied grunt I thought well maybe I'm just being over critical. I kept the piercing in hoping by some miracle it would straighten. Alas, it didn't. So I took the jewelry out to let it heal in hopes that perhaps there wouldn't be too much scar tissue and I could get it repierced because I was rather fond of the particular placement of the piercing. I scolded Mark for taking me to Lakshima and what a waste of money it was and all he replied with was, "Her Goddess energies must be off". What a load of bull, she just doesn't know how to do a surface piercing correctly. A year or so passed and the holes healed, but let tiny pink scars, which looked like tiny eyes peering up to me from my stomach. In that year I moved to Chicago, and a new friend I made there inquired about those dots below my navel and I told Wayne about my experience with the Goddess Lakshima. Noting Wayne also had his nape, as well as surface piercings on his for arms I asked where he had his done. He then proceeded to tell me about Rudy, who works at etched in skin on the south side of the city. From what I could tell Rudy does amazing work so I was super pumped to meet him and see if he could pierce me. About a week later Wayne took me to Rudy's shop, which was an actual shop this time and not a room in the back of his house. The entire shop was very clean and well put together. There were about 10 people in the lobby but the short, dark complected, heavily modded man took me back right away. I'm guessing Wayne called ahead and told him we were coming. I told Rudy what I wanted done and after he had me show him how far I wanted the balls apart from each other, His brow furrowed a bit before stating He didn't have any curved barbells that long. Before I could say anything about reducing the spacing Rudy shot out of the room like a flash and returned with a set of pliars and a straight barbell. He curved the barbell to my specified length and then held it up to my skin, it was perfect. Before he even began to sterilize anything Rudy went into about a 40 minute long informative speech on taking care of the piercing, white blood cells, infections, amongst answering any question I could possibly think of. Even some chit chat about how local people in the area have been shocked to see him because they had been told he died. After making sure I wanted the piercing he laid me down on the table and went to setting everything up. One thing I remember most, is Rudy must have changed gloves at least 15 times. I really appreciated this because to me, it proved that cleanliness was important to him. Rudy then sat on a stool beside the table and began to massage the skin where I was to be pierced, stating that it makes the skin more supple and easier to pierce. Either this was ingenious or he just wanted to rub on my taut belly. Then he began to pierce me, pinching the skin together gently, talking in a soothing voice the entire time. Letting me know what exactly was h appening. It had to have been the most amazing experience that I have had getting pierced because I just zoned out. It was very therapeutic for me, which was odd because I usually didn't get that sensation from getting pierced, not to that extreme anyway. Rudy was not the only component in my passion for body mod, but I'd have to say he was a major influence in my current respect for the art. It has urged me to delve into a more spiritual side of modification, past any aesthetic or masochistic value I had with it before. I now have an overwhelming desire to have many more modifications but sometimes lack in money hinders that. Eventually I will get them but in the mean time let this experience be a warning that just because someone has certificates on their wall doesn't mean they know everything about all piercings. Go to someone who can prove with out a doubt they make what you want happen in a safe environment. Thanks for letting me ramble on about my experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Jan. 2003
in Body Surface Piercing

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Artist: first+time%2C+some+odd+pagan+lady%2C+second+time+rudy
Studio: her+home%2F+etched+in+skin
Location: south+side+of+chicago

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