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Nape from the view of a wimp

A Wimps View I decided that for my first piercing I wanted something a little different. After spending many (too many according to my friends) hours on BME, I decided on my nape. My Mom had just left from visiting me for the weekend so the timing was perfect. Boy would she be pissed!! She flipped out over my tattoo- can you imagine what she would do if I had my neck pierced. Oh well, I go to school six hours away from home so things are all good. Oh I was nervous-I am the biggest wimp in the world, but after reading most of the nape experiences on BME, I convinced myself that it wouldn't hurt that much. Well I talked to a few friends and they all told me that I should go to this Piercer named Juliette. She is the only one who does surface piercings in Ottawa anyway. She has recently established her own shop in Ottawa called One Body Piercing. My Friend Leah and I went in to the shop so that I could get measured and so that Juliette could determine whether or not my neck could handle the bar. Everything was fine so she ordered my bar and said she would e-mail me when it arrived, in seven to ten days. Oh man that the longest ten days of my life!!! I just wanted to get it done. Like I said before I am a big wimp and things usually work out better when I do it spur of the moment. So finally I get the e-mail. Wow was I excited. I called to make an appointment for two days later cuz I had to work. That is another thing- my work does not allow any visible tattoos or piercings (shitty!!!) Oops!! Anyway, so Leah and I head downtown for my appointment. I was soooo nervous I couldn't sit still. I wanted to do it but I was freaked out. I haven't seen anyone around here with his or her nape done and I was kinda worried. Oh well. So we get to the shop and she has me fill out the forms and stuff. One is a great shop. The colours are really soothing and it is generally very relaxing. So Juliette gets my forms and my money ($90) and heads to the back to sterilize everything. In the mean time my friend is chatting me up to get my mind off things....hhhmmmm.... good job Leah. Well, everything is ready and she gets me to come back with her. She explains that the longest part of the whole thing is finding the perfect middle of the neck so the bar isn't crooked. She marks the spot and I take a look. Everything is okay and I trust her decision. I lay down on the table and she puts the clamp on which kinda hurt but it wasn't too bad. My friend is sitting right in front of me and I can see her flinch as Juliette tells me to take a deep breath in. I do this, and as I am exhaling she pushes the needle through. It felt like a little pinch as it went through the one side, then I could feel it going through my neck, but it didn't hurt. She pushes it through the other side and puts the bar in. That's it I say to myself...it actually didn't hurt. The second ball goes on and she cleans the area and makes me sit for a while. Hehehe.... I am such a badass I think to myself as I strut out of the shop and up the street. Well, everything is going well so far. When I got home I had a nap with no problems and then I went out to see a band and everything was fine. Now having a shower was an interesting experience!!! Trying not to get my long hair caught was my main focus. This saw me cupping my hand over the piercing, trying to squeeze the shampoo out of the bottle with my legs and shampoo and rinse with one hand. Hehehehe...the most difficult shower of my life!!! Cleaning is really simple too. I clean it with this iodine stuff to build up scar tissue so that the piercing will stay in place, and rub an ointment called Mecca on it twice a day. I can handle this!
I absolutely love my nape piercing even though most people think it is pretty gross. They are just jealous! It is an awesome experience but make sure that the person who is doing it is an experienced surface piercer, and that you take good care of it. Being under a lot of stress isn't very good either as it is more likely to grow out that way. If you are thinking of getting it done I say DO IT!!! It is pretty uncommon and it looks kick ass!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Juliette
Studio: One+Body+Piercing
Location: OTTAWA%2C+Canada

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