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My little Ring

Tuesday, April 10th 11:50am I spent my morning walking around downtown, since it was my birthday, I wanted to spend my day downtown shopping.I was getting pretty bored and I wanted something pierced. My mom said no more piercings so iot was going to be difficult to get something done because all visible places were out of the question. She said she was gona check to see if I got any new piercings too so I knew my tongue and eyebrow were outa the question. I went to Universal, my favoritve place in the world... and I was talking to Dawn, Jenn usualy does all my piercings but I was wanted to get something pierced, and I couldn't think of what because my mom said I wasn't allowed any more piercings. I looked up and saw "oral web" and from that point on I needed, keyword neeeded, to get my tongue web pierced. I asked Dawn if she would do it and she said she wouldn't do it because she doesn't recommend it and it grows out quickly, so I said okay. I looked around a bit more and left. I went across the street, finding it rather warm outside, I took off my jacket, and dropped it, only to find a five dollar bill on the ground beside my jacket, interesting. I picked it up and went into Unique Body Piercing. I asked the guy at the counter if they would do it and he said okay. He took the ring and showed me which ring and the choice of beads I had. He said it would cost 35$ and I said I would come back in 10 minutes. The guy told me he had to leave but he would wait because the other piercer that worked there had never done a tongue web and he wanted to show him how to. I went and said "fuck it, im not waiting" so i turned around and went back in and gave em the money. I filled out the form and the guy looks at me and I almost freaked out, worrieing if he was gona ask for id but instead he said "oh hey, happy birthday" I went in the back and sat on the green bench, the guy got out all his stuff and put it in a little tray which he then put on my lap. He took out the needle and bent it with a thingy so it would go thru without jabbing me in the tongue. hahahah... I was pretty scared by this time, alone with these too guys and stuff. The guy who was watching was pretty damn hot so I just looked at him and said "can you hold my hand" and he walked around and gave me his hand to hold on to, before this I had rinsed and the usual preperation, rinse, hehe i asked for a bib because I drool alot. The guy said to open my mouth and he almost fit both hands in my mouth, it was scary, didn't know I could open my mouth that wide. He stuck the needle thru, and honestly I didn't feel it at all. It was weird. I didn't know the needle was in until i felt the end of the needle touch my tongue. I had a min to relax and he got out the ring and fixed it all up, the entire time, Im holding this guys hand. He then tried to put the ring in, which it seemed he was having trouble with. After about 2 min he got the ring in. I looked at it and fell in love with it. Then it took him about 10 min to put the bead in, it was funny, he kepts dropping it in my mouth and he had to fish it outa my drool. After he finaly got it in I looked at it and I LOVE it, its my fav piercing now. I thanked him and the guy for letting me hold his hand and I was off after he told me how to take care of it. It's been two days and there are little white bumps on it, its weird, but I have been playing with it alot. Im sure they will go away if I stop playing with it. Another thing is either he pierced it a little crooked or its moving. Im not sure, Im pretty sure he pierced it a little off because I doubt its easy to pierce perfectly straigh thru it because I got a little web, awwwww... It didn't hurt a bit and so far its great. It only hurts a little, like almost im straining my tongue when I show it to people. So I just stoped showing people... I DEFINATLY recommend this piercing!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 April 2001
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: unsure
Studio: unique+body+piercine
Location: ottawa

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